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Products include placemats, Large and XL Mats, Super Shammies, Crate Mats, Travel Pads and Slobber Swabbers

Their Mats, towels & mitts are a 'must-have' for anyone living with a dog!

They are super-absorbent, trap dirt & smells & help keep your home clean & dry!



The Soggy Doggy Mat

Sizes:  L: 26" x 36"  •   XL: 36 x 60"


Place this doormat by the front or backdoor and enjoy a cleaner home!  

The Soggy Doggy doormat will absorb & trap water and dirt your dog may bring in.


• Soaks up water & dirt like a sponge

• Chenille noodles are 1" long and compress under the door if placed a few inches away from the door frame.

• Exceptionally durable yet velvety-soft

• No-slip backing

• Machine wash & dry



Good Vet and Pet Guide Listing


Soggy Doggy Mat (X-Large)

Soggy Doggy Mat (X-Large)

Super Absorbent   • Soaks up water & dirt li..



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