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Terms of this offer | Tails.com is a subscription service and all participants must comply with standard account T’s & C’s. This offer is for new customers only. The offer is valid for one dog per household. The offer applies to kibble only.



About tails.com

We’re on a mission to change the world of pet food, for good.

Back in 2013, a small group of people came together, including the brand’s CEO James Davidson, to bring one vet’s idea to life. They set out to solve a problem at the heart of pet food: despite the overwhelming choice of one-size-fits-all food in the shops, there was never anything that could tick all the boxes. Long lists of mysterious ingredients on the label only made things more complicated – there had to be a better way to feed dogs right.

And so tails.com began, assembling a crack team of experts including vets, nutritionists and engineers (and their dogs) to develop a super-smart way to create a unique recipe for every single dog. From each dog’s individual food preferences, to itchy skin condition and allergies - each dog’s tails.com recipe is based on information only their owners could know.

It didn’t take long before tails all over the country were wagging over the taste of tails.com. Five years after we began, we’re serving millions of meals a month to thousands of dogs, with a customer satisfaction rating of ‘Excellent’ on trustpilot.com.