Ministry of Dog - Franchise Opportunities

Ministry of Dog - Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities Throughout The UK, United Kingdom
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Ministry of Dog - Franchise Opportunities

Do you just love animals?  Are you looking for a happier and healthier future?

With a Ministry of Dog™ Ltd dog walking and petcare franchise you can run your successful profitable business and improve your work/life balance by doing something you love.

We offer a fantastic business opportunity with the support of an experienced and award winning team providing help and assistance every step of the way.


 Ministry of Dog - Come Join The Pack 

Ministry of Dog Franchise Start Up Costs from. . . . . . . . . . . £5,750


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Is there a good business opportunity in pet care?

Absolutely! Pets are very popular in the UK and research by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association indicates that the UK pet population is currently around 58 million spread throughout 12 million households (out of a total 27 million households) so 44% of households have a pet.

In 2014 it was estimated that there were 9 million dogs in the UK and that 24% of households own a dog. The UK as a whole spends over £4.5bn a year on food, grooming and care including dog walking and day care services.


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What makes us different from other pet care companies?

If you’re considering taking on a franchise with Ministry of Dog your business will really stand out from the competition. Ministry of Dog has an extremely strong brand and offers more to customers than most other pet care companies. 


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Our Services:  First and foremost, Ministry of Dog is a professional company that provides a high quality service. Our dog day care service is tailored to the needs of active dogs and this is a big part of our business.  We don’t take on every dog for day care as some dogs are not suited to the long walks or being in a pack. In this case we would suggest a one-to-one walking solution as we always strive to offer the best pet care possible and most suitable to the dog’s needs.

Training:  Our franchisees and staff receive training in canine psychology/pack walking/body language by an IMDT qualified instructor and Canine First Aid so that they are able to respond to the animals needs in any situation.

Our People:  All our staff are handpicked to ensure they have an energetic personality, a natural affiliation with animals, and above all, love what they do.

Responsive:  Our people are trained so that they can respond to how the animals react to ensure they are fully engaged and having fun. Our approach ensures that animals enjoy their time with us. This is also one of the key factors why we have such a high rate of referral and repeat business.

Flexibility:   To cater for all needs, we offer a selection of different pet care services from one-off occasional visits to regular day care.

Affordability: Our prices are extremely good value and yet we consistently offer very high standards.

• DBS Checked Staff All of our staff are DBS checked, Canine First Aid trained and have public liability insurance.

• Repeat Business:  We have lots and lots of happy customers that use us on a continuing basis week after week. Clients can choose the number of days that they book their dog in for day care and on other days we can provide a short walk service (if required). Once an area is established a large amount of our business comes from referrals or recommendations which is a huge indication of our popularity and quality service



 How much can a Ministry of Dog Franchise earn?

What can I earn?

This very much depends on your commitment but our experience is that after the first year a Ministry of Dog Franchisee working a 30 hour week, (6 hours per day over 5 days) and 48 weeks a year can turnover £36,480 and generate a net income of £26,630

The figures in later years will depend upon whether you continue with the role of the service provider actively working in the business to provide the pet care services or move into a management role bringing more people into the business to work with you to deliver the services.

Note: These figures are intended as a guide only. They are not designed to be a guarantee of income or profit and should not be taken as this. We have prepared a detailed financial model that we will share with you during a meeting with the detail supporting the above figures. Franchisee figures will vary subject to their local market conditions.




Ministry of Dog Franchise Initial Package Cost

Franchise Package £5750 (as detailed in the brochure) 

Click here to download their e-brochure

The franchise package fee of £5750 is a reduced fee for the pilot (franchisees who will be part of the initial development stage of the franchise expansion) after the pilots the franchise cost will increase to £8995

The above figures do not include VAT. VAT will not be charged for the pilot franchisees on the franchise package fee.




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Love dogs? Ever Thought about becoming a Dog Trainer or a Dog Groomer?

Here at Ministry of Dog™ we are pleased to announce some new and exciting branding to our Portfolio.

Along with proven revenue streams from: Dog Walking • Home Boarding • Animal Sits • House Sits • Puppy Visits • Senior Dog Visits

We have added our exciting brands for Dog Trainers and Groomers to really help your business get that kick start.

Contact us for more details ..........


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