4 Cat Health Products That Will Help Your Cat Thrive

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Food To Keep Your Cat 'Feline' Healthy

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of food your cat needs to thrive and stay healthy?

The cat food manufacturers try to convince you that their products are the most beneficial for the health and prosperity of your kitty. Not to mention myths regards the best food for cats.


What is the truth? Probably there are hidden parts of it in every claim. I will try here to introduce you to 4 cat health products that will help your cat thrive based on both my experience from the veterinary practice and that acquired as an owner of three cats with entirely different tastes in food.



Fresh or Preserved Meat and Fish

I respect every life philosophy, but you need to accept the fact that cats are strict carnivores. They need meat to survive. Deal with it! Give your cat a mouse or any other raw meat, and it will not need anything else.

Unfortunately, we cannot look around for mice, so we need to provide an adequate replacement for that ideally balanced cat meal.

Also, there is no food for cats with rodent flavouring on the market since the FDA sanitation and safety standards for pet food are the same as for human food.

Since mice are not on the list of a food source in the US, the US Department of Agriculture has no official inspection procedures for rodent meat.

My cats are lucky because my husband goes fishing regularly to feed them with fresh fish. However, not all cats are the same. For example, my Clementine had eaten only those fish before Josephine came to our home.

Josephine hates fish but adores fresh liver and poultry, as well as canned food made from beef, venison, and liver.

Sofio eats everything, including paper and fabric. So, if you have not the personal farm of mice or a fisherman in the house, let's see which six nutrients are essential for your kitty to thrive and stay healthy.



Animal proteins - No one cat can survive without animal proteins in its diet. They use all essential amino acids from those proteins for building tissues and organs, including their heart, muscles, blood, tendons, cartilage, fur, and skin.

Fats - Good animal fats from meat and fish are an ideal energy source for the body of your cat. If you provide enough essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, your cat will be full of energy, healthy, and satisfied.

Water - Cats usually consume less water than they need and mostly get it through food. Water helps their body to maintain body temperature, metabolize nutrients correctly, and eliminate toxins.

That is why you should not feed your kitty just with kibble. They need fresh food and/or wet food, as well.



They are essential to cats, but you need to provide the right balance to keep your kitty healthy.

 • Vitamin A (Akseroftol and Retinol) Since this vitamin is fat-soluble, the body stores it in fatty tissue and the liver. It is crucial for a healthy vision and boosts the immune system. However, if your cat enters it in an excessive amount, it may become toxic.

• Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol and Ergocalciferol) - Well-known as 'the sunshine vitamin,' it is necessary for retaining calcium and phosphorus in the body of your pet. Without it, the proper functioning of bones, muscles, and nerves would not be possible.

• Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - It is a water-soluble vitamin crucial for the healthy metabolism of carbohydrates. Without it, there would be no impulse transmission through nerves.

• Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Your cat needs this vitamin for healthy growth, producing energy, proper using oxygen, and improving the quality of skin and fur.

• Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Since the body quickly gets rid of this water-soluble vitamin through urine, you need to provide regular intake. It is necessary for the healthy functioning of the nervous and digestive system.

• Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - The body of your kitty cannot store this vitamin in the muscle tissue. Therefore, you need to ensure a constant intake of B6, which boosts the immune system of your kitty, regulates metabolism, and provides a healthy function of red blood cells.



They contribute to oxygen transportation, pH balance, enzyme formation, and proper use of nutrients. A few of them are essential to keep your cat healthy.

• Iron - As a part of haemoglobin, it keeps your cat from anaemia.

• Sodium - It helps the uptake of primary nutrients to cells and the removal of waste products from them.

• Chloride - Without this mineral, maintaining the proper alkali balance in the body of your cat would not be possible.

• Calcium - It allows milk production, bone growth, regular muscle contraction, and transmission of nerve impulses.

• Magnesium - It is irreplaceable for bone growth and the creation of proteins.



Grass Beneficial for Your Cat

Believe it or not, cat grass is not a grass at all. It is a mixture of cereals, including wheat, rye, oats, and barley, grown indoors from seeds.

 As a health and tasty snack, cat grass will help your cat thrive and lure it away from other plants, especially dangerous ones. Plus, it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and proteins.

Thanks to high fibre content, it is beneficial for digestion and induces vomiting when your kitty has eaten something harmful. Chlorophyll from cat grass will relieve pain and symptoms of infections, skin ailments, and anaemia. Also, this mix is an excellent hairballs remover. Fantastic, isn't it?

Sow the seeds into the soil, place it in a sunny windowsill, and water it regularly. After approximately one to two weeks, let your furry friend grazing directly from the pot.


Except for the usual mix of cereals, I like giving my cats some other, highly beneficial types of grasses:

Alfalfa grass - It will help in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Cat thyme - Highly fragrant flowers of this plant is an excellent feline stimulant.

Liquorice root - Your kitty will adore the taste of the roots of this plant. They can solve issues with digestion, promote the health of the liver, as well as relieve arthritic pain and signs of inflammation.

Lemongrass - You can plant this particular plant instead of cat grass. As a mild stimulant, it will have the same positive effect on the health of your beloved kitty.

Mint - My cats adore the unique smell of mint, but it seems that they prefer sniffing it more than eating it. However, be careful if your cat likes eating mint in large amounts. It may cause an upset belly.

If your cat has access to the yard, it will know to identify the herbs and grass beneficial for its health. Trust your kitty, but be careful and keep it away from the grass treated with pesticides.  



Cat Dental Chews

Unfortunately, over 85% of cats living indoors suffer from periodontal disease after their sixth birthday. Tartar built over the years on their teeth often causes the inflammation of the gum, which consequently affects the overall health of your kitty.

If your cat does not eat fresh food, the best way to prevent dental issues is to give it cat dental chews. Your kitty will adore it, has fun, and gets painless treatment, as well.

Dental chews offer many benefits, including:

· Elimination of bad breath

· Promotion good oral hygiene

· Prevention tartar and plaque buildup

· Prevention of high vet bills in the future

· Providing delicious daily reward your furry friend




Whether the dietary supplements are necessary or not for your cat is a million-dollar question.

The manufactures claim that your cat cannot grow healthy and live long in the contemporary world without artificial vitamins and minerals. However, many owners are suspicious about these claims.

Basically, there is no need to give supplements to a healthy and vital cat, but every vet will recommend them if your kitty is sick. The essential thing is to choose supplements tested and proven for use in veterinary medicine.

In my opinion, there are two primary issues. Firstly, some traditionally praised supplements are inefficient, or no one was seriously concerned with their benefits.

Secondly, most cats consume a highly balanced and complete diet, which makes the use of supplements meaningless. Honestly, my cats feed on more quality food than my husband and me. I am sure that cat owners fully understand.

However, supplements can save the life of your kitty in some situations. They will be valuable for your cat if any medical condition occurs.

For example, if the cat suffers from the small intestinal disease, it cannot absorb particular nutrients, including the vitamins B9 (folate) and B12 (cobalamine).

Keep in mind that the same will apply to supplements. Therefore, the kitty will need to get them through injections.

Pregnant cats, which are less than a year old, often suffer nutritional deficiencies, and supplements may save their lives.

The most useful supplements are these containing vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and probiotics. However, you should be moderate when it comes to their use.



Pet food is probably the most regulated food on the market, and there are a bunch of federal and state regulations considering that issue. Sometimes, it seems to me that in the contemporary world, it is more crucial what our cats eat than us.

However, the final decision about what food is best for your kitty depends on you. Think carefully, keep yourself informed, observe what your cat likes, and love it unconditionally. That is usually enough.

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