5 Essential Dog Walking Tips

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5 Essential Dog Walking Tips 

Are you having a hard time walking your pooch?

You may be a first-time dog parent or your pup is just naturally temperamental.

Whatever the reason is, you can turn the sails around and master the art of dog walking.

For starters, follow the essential tips outlined in this article.


Tip 1: Go with your dog’s flow of movement.

People are aware of the importance of walking for the dog’s physical fitness. But unfortunately, some dog owners do not want to take their dogs out for an exercise.

One of the causes is the inability to control their pet’s movements. Here’s news for you: control is not the key to your dog’s cooperation, but harmony. 

Allow your pet to sniff around, scratch here, and lick there. In other words, do not constantly pull their leash to direct them to where “you” want to go.

Let them explore and just guide them. Long before you know it, you have circled the neighbourhood and strolled 5 kilometres in total distance.

Exploration also helps activate their senses and mental skills. 


Tip 2: Gear up and bring all the necessary tools.

Dog walking is not a trivial matter. It also requires preparation.

Here are some of the essential items to bring: two different water bottles to keep you and your pooch hydrated; treats or toys to help your pet stay motivated, and a dog identification card to be ready for possible search and rescue incidents. 

Of course, you yourself also have to gear up.

During hot morning and afternoon walks, bring a towel, a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, and sunscreen for protection.

At night, wear a reflective accessory or clothing and bring a flashlight to improve visibility and avoid accidents.


Tip 3: Invest in a good pooper scooper.

Do not walk your dog without buying a durable and handy-dandy pooper scooper. The Environmental Protection Agency has already declared the dog’s poop as an environmental pollutant. It poses a threat to the surroundings and to the health of both humans and animals.

A dog’s waste contains millions of bacteria, viruses (e.g., Parvoviridae family), parasites (e.g., tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, etc.) and pathogens (e.g., Salmonella) that cause diseases. Particularly, a gram of poop contains about 23 million of E-coli bacteria. Failure to pick it up is illegal and allowing it to linger on the ground for a long time possibly contaminates the water and soil and invites insects to hover over. 

Having a pooper scooper not only prevents damage to health and the environment but also protects you from directly touching the waste. There are different kinds of scoopers available in the market nowadays. Choose the handy ones so you can carry them around while walking your dog.




Tip 4: Choose the right leash. 

The perfect dog leash should not be too tight nor too loose. You should be able to insert two fingers inside the dog collar to check if the leash has the right fit for your four-legged pal. This ensures that your dog’s head won’t slip off during your long walks nor would it be too uncomfortable when running.

Also, avoid buying retractable leashes as they do more harm to your dog when they malfunction.

Go for the traditional ones with longer ties and sturdy buckles or hooks that can withstand pressure. These allow your dog to walk around without being constantly pulled back.


Leads from Ruff and Tumble


Tip 5: Be always on the lookout.

Dog owners never know how their pets’ minds work no matter how intimate their relationship.

When other animals, fellow dogs, new faces, or strange objects are present, your pet may exhibit unusual behaviours such as excessive barking, biting, or sudden running that can lead to accidents.

To avoid this, you need to be cautious as to what your dog is interacting with, playing, doing, or even eating. Walking around exposes your pet to a host of stimuli that may appear new to your pooch. So always be on the watch.


While dog walking appears to be a daunting task at first, it gets easier with practice. Spend more time exercising with your dog. Then you will be able to discover more essential tips and tricks in the art of dog walking.



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