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Guest Post by Jen Berezai - AdvoCATSeastmids

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AdvoCATSeastmids is a wholly voluntary organisation which provides a FREE practical support & advice service to tenants and landlords where there are issues with keeping pets in rented properties. 

Surrendering pets for rental issues is the second highest reason animals are handed into rescues, and with more people renting than ever before, the problem is getting worse – pets with perfectly good, loving homes are taking up space in shelters which is desperately needed for genuine strays & hardship cases.


AdvoCATS looks to take the fear of the unknown out of the pet permission equation - typically compiling documentation such as vet references, pet assessments, tenant checks etc, to enable a landlord to make an informed decision about allowing a pet in their property. They can also step in with support and advice to help prevent issues from becoming bigger problems.


Established in 2018 and already recognised by Cats Protection, National Landlords Association, ARLA Propertymark, EMH Homes & APGOCATS, the All Parliamentary Group for Cats – to name but a few - AdvoCATS is run by people with a solid background in pet rescue and animal welfare, and backed by many of the leading vets and rescues in the area.

Although based in the East Midlands, AdvoCATS is happy to offer advice to people outside the area, and is currently assisting a British family relocating from Bulgaria!



Working hand in paw with rescues, landlords & tenants



Jen Berezai (pictured on the right in the photo below) has owned cats for much of her adult life and currently shares her home with 6 (which she agrees is excessive!) ranging from 4 to 14, and one very long-suffering husband.

Having spent many years volunteering for local animal rescues, Jen and co-founder Lisa Starr(pictured on the left in the photo below) had both witnessed the heartbreak suffered by those forced to give up their pets,

recognised this as a very real problem within the rental & rescue communities, and AdvoCATSeastmids was born.  


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