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Our lives are hard, and when you deal with things like anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, it can be difficult to get through each day.

Animals can bring many benefits to our lives through companionship, but they can also offer us help through these difficult symptoms when they are kept as emotional support animals.

In fact, there is a wealth of research on the benefits that dogs bring as these types of support animals.


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Here’s our guide on the best dog breeds for emotional support.


1.  Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are happy, bouncy dogs that can bring many benefits to our lives.

When you are looking for a new type of dog to act as an emotional support animal, it’s important to find a breed that is well-behaved and loyal, like a Golden Retriever.

Not only will they make the perfect companion to you, but they will never let you down when you need them. Golden Retrievers are used for support in many aspects of life, and you often see them working as service dogs thanks to their temperament.


Golden Retriever and puppy



2.  Vizsla

Vizslas are beautiful, fun dogs that love to run around and have fun. In fact, they have so much energy that they are known as one of the most playful dog breeds that you could own.

The reason they make such good emotional support animals is that they love being near their owners, and you’ll find that your new companion loves being curled up next to you while you’re lounging around.

The added benefit is that they are very clean and don’t have that typical dog smell.


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3.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are something special. Not only are they beautiful and elegant, but they are extremely loving, too.

They have been bred for centuries to be a loyal companion for aristocrats, and love nothing more than to snuggle up in your lap at all times.

They are not high energy dogs and provide a very calming feeling to people. They are perfect for those with depression for this reason.





4.  Corgi

The important thing when finding an emotional support animal is to focus on affectionate breeds. Corgis are perfect because they have a great even temper and love their humans abundantly.

They are also known for their obedience, which makes them perfect to act as emotional support animals.

Corgis are the official breed of the British royal family, and there’s a reason why the Queen has owned so many in her lifetime.

They are the perfect, loving companion for anyone, young and old alike.

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If you’re struggling with your day to day duties and need a little support from a loyal friend to get you through the day, then you may benefit greatly from an emotional support animal.

Not only can they provide help and comfort in your dark times, but they also offer a constant presence and a lot of love for their human counterparts.

Use our guide when you are deciding on the breed of your new emotional support animal in order to find the right dog breed for you.


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