Dog Friendly VS Dogs Welcome

Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse when you know you’re about to walk out of the door, leaving your four-legged friend behind. Am I right?! Thankfully more and more businesses are recognising the fact us dog owners want to bring our dogs with us, wherever we go.

THANK GOODNESS!! We’ll no longer need to see the guilt-inducing faces of our pups who secretly work on their sad faces whenever they’re left behind! Whether it be to your local pub, an overnight stay or even a shop, the list of places we can take our dogs to seems to be growing every day.

But do you know there’s a difference between a place being dog-friendly VS dogs welcome?


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As with anywhere we take our dogs, it’s always important to be respectful of our surroundings (despite us thinking otherwise, some people don’t want dogs to be everywhere!) Crazy, I know, but it’s true! Some businesses try hard to find the balance in meeting the needs for everyone though and this is where you’re most likely to see ‘Dogs Welcome’ signage - while dogs are welcomed, there are often a few restrictions in place.

For example, you may find many pubs which restrict dogs in dining areas (although you’re allowed to eat in the bar area). Likewise, more high street shops are welcoming you to bring your dog through their doors, so you can browse with your dog in tow! Fab!

Obviously make sure your dog is unlikely to need to make their mark on the latest fashion on the scene though! Some great examples of high street shops are Fat Face, White Stuff, Mistral & Selfridges, to name but a few! Some shops don’t place any restrictions, whereas others will only allow small dogs or ask for dogs to be carried in a bag.

Unless there is a specific sign outside shops, I’d always recommend asking permission before bringing your pup inside with you. Always best to err on the side of caution.


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Where some businesses welcome our dogs, others go to great lengths to actually encourage you to bring your dog!! 

These are termed dog-friendly venues.  For example, there are some wonderful dog-friendly hotels where pampered pooches can accompany you for a weekend away! With luxuries such as personalised doggy welcome packs; dog treats and even your dog having their very own dog bed, these places really want you to bring your dog with you so you’ll have the best time.

More and more dog-friendly restaurants are even offering dog-friendly menus, so your dog can enjoy a special lunch or night out with you. Why should us humans get to have all the fun! Our dogs deserve to be spoilt too!


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Does your dog join you on a night out? Are you hoping to visit any particular places with your dog over the coming months?!

We’d love to know your favourites!

If you’re looking for some suggestions, check out The Good Vet & Pet Guide directory, which lists a brilliant selection of options for you!


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