Dogs On The Streets London (DOTS)

DOTS (Dogs on The Streets – London) founded 5 years ago is an independent, voluntary ran project covering the Borough of Westminster, Camden, Shoreditch, East London & parts of North London.




Dogs are often the only companions of homeless people and Michelle is determined to make sure that they receive proper veterinary care.

DOTS aren’t a Monday – Friday 9 – 5 organisation, no day is a typical day. Help is available 24/7 365 days a year ranging from 'phone calls in the early hours of the morning to transporting dogs late at night.

Quite often, homeless individuals feed their dog before themselves. Generally speaking, this means that some dogs purely live on a human diet which isn’t good for their overall health. Regular donations of dog food as well as treats, collars, warm coats and doggy essentials are all greatly received and massively appreciated.


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All dogs that become registered with DOTS are provided with a dog tag that includes DOTS details as well as a unique number which makes researching the dog and finding out specific information a lot easier e.g. dietary needs or medication.

Throughout 2017, DOTS London will be introducing a new UK initiative as well as mobile outreaching via regular static street-ran dog care stations for those who are living rough.

A professional mobile dog-grooming van will be attending regularly to trim nails, coats and give squeaky clean wash ups!

Also attending will be a vet to complete health checks, dispense prescription flea / worming treatments as well as prescription medications e.g. painkillers and antibiotics.

Professional dog trainers and behaviourists will also be on hand to provide training classes along with transport that allows pets and owners to access the Blue Cross should they need further treatment.


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These issues can be quite often overlooked but are in fact a constant struggle and worry daily to those individuals experiencing it. DOTS are doing all that they can to improve the lives and happiness of both homeless individuals and their ever-so-loved pets too.

In the next 5 years Michelle hopes to roll this project out UK wide to ensure than no dog or no owner should endure such difficult times.

DOTS London is Non-Profit therefore appreciates all the support they can get.

Please visit  to find out more on how to donate, their donation wish list, how to sponsor a dog and much more!






Please pass on their venue details to any street dogs you should meet with their homeless owners


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Location: THE STRAND (In-between Rymans & Zimbabwe Embassy) – London WC2R 0QN

Dates/Times: Every Sunday – 2 pm – 4 pm

EssentialsWeekly ( Dog food, leads, collars, coats, Toys etc….)

VetTwice a Month – Health checks, Micro Chipping, Medication ( if required), Blue Cross Registration and soon to be a monthly vaccination clinic at our station.


Dog Grooming Van Last Sunday in every month


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