Hiking With Your Dog: Your Next Big Adventure Together!


If you are a nature lover, hill walking with your four-legged friend is something to look forward to this spring!

Fresh air, the benefits of exercising outdoors and the feeling of discovering new places are all great reasons to consider hill walking with your dog! But before you start, there are a few things you need to consider.


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Is your dog ready for hill walking?

Before you plan your hike with your dog, make sure he is well trained. His physical condition is not the only thing that counts.

Does your dog already know the basic commands necessary to be safe in the great outdoors? Does your dog listen to your commands and follow your voice? Think about simple commands and how your dog reacts to them. Ideally, he should come when you call him, know his way around wild animals and stop when you tell him to.

Consider commands as important training prerequisites for an outdoor hike, since you might want to let your dog off the leash for some time. Visual contact is highly important during a hike with your dog as well. That’s why, one of the most important commands to teach your dog is a general one that lets him know when he reaches the boundaries of your sight.


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Always keep your dog in sight

What if your dog just decides to take off?

Even a well trained dog may not always stay close to the trail and find their way back to their owner. That’s why you need to take extra care of your dog when hiking or hill walking.

A good precaution is to equip your dog with a Tractive GPS Tracker, a tracking device that can locate your dog in real-time.

Due to the LIVE Tracking feature of the Tractive GPS, you can leave your worries at home. Should your dog run away and get lost, you can view his exact location from the convenience of your smartphone giving you valuable piece of mind.



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Avoid dangerous trails

Climbing can also be part of a hill walk so save this activity for a hike without your dog.


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Beware of other people or animals

We are all familiar with this: you’re approaching other animals or hikers on your path and your dog starts to lose his cool. Be prepared for these type of situations. When you see other people or animals approaching, immediately keep your dog at your heel.

Since not everybody you will meet on the trial is going to be fond of your dog, you might end up having to keep your dog on the lead for most of the hike. Try also to avoid areas which are heavily frequented by horseback riders and mountain bikers.


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How to make hiking with dogs your next great adventure  

Keep it soft

Rocky and sharp-edged terrains are not really suitable for dogs. Choose earthy or grassy trails.

Beware of exposure to heat

Unlike us, your dog cannot wear hats and sunscreen, so limit his exposure to heat. Avoiding going out in the midday sun and chhose routes with plenty of shade.

Keep it short

If hiking trips are new to your dog, introduce them step-by-step and avoid very long trips at the beginning. Don’t overwhelm your dog, be patient and increase your trips slowly.

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The must-haves for a hill walk with your dog

Your dog is a family member, so think of his needs too, when packing.

Always take a first aid kit with you.

Disinfectant, tweezers and some spray-on patches should be included as well as:

Food and water supplies

Harness/collar and leash

A dog coat that fits


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Are you really ready to start hill walking with your dog?

Dogs can be the perfect hiking companion, but some might take a while to adjust to hill walking. If your dog is new to hiking, take your time and be patient. Introduce your dog gradually to hill walking. Your dog’s muscles need time to get used to this different kind of exercise.

Don’t worry if your dog is soon out of breath and tired, just don't push them. There's always another day. 

So what are you waiting for?! The great outdoors is calling you!


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