'Mewsic' To Your Cat's Ears

Feline Mews'ical

Gremlin my street cat moved in with Molly and me five years ago. He was a tiny super cute stray kitten that needed a home, and he chose us.

Never having owned a cat before it was fun and games. Molly then aged nine became Gremlin’s mentor and surrogate Mum. Together Molly and I treated Gremlin like a dog.

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Striking up the most unlikely friendship, Molly accepted Gremlin because he wasn’t scared, he never ran away for her. In fact, he adored Molly, teased her and mimicked her. He became a dab hand at a few tricks, his high five being is his party piece.

With a recall to match the most obedient of dogs, Gremlin is a very social, confident cat and doesn’t spook easily.

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That was until a sequence of events, including Molly’s death, and moving house twice in a short period of time, that totally stressed him out.

Time is a great healer for cats, they take much longer to adapt to anything new than dogs.

Combining calming homeopathic remedies, pet remedy diffusers, and regular massages have certainly have helped restore Gremlin’s confidence.

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Most recently Music for Cats, a new compilation of classical tracks by the world-famous cellist and composer, David Teie, beats any amount of catnip.

Gremlin is so intrigued by the sounds that fuse cat-specific sounds like purring, sucking and scratching. David Teie’s aim is to create music specific music that cats can truly enjoy.

Adding an extra dimension and extra environmental enrichment for cats, Music for Cats comprises five amazing species-appropriate tracks.


Nothing beats chilling out after a long day with Gremlin listening together as he purrs along in real-time.

His favourite track is Tigerlili & Mimi’s Musical. That’s when his ears really start twitching recognising the cat sounds, interspersed with some birds, all fused together with swathes of dramatic cello. He’ll stretch out before settling into a big purr.

Science has investigated the whys and wherefores of a cat’s purr. Interestingly its not always associated with being content. Cats also purr when they’re frightened, injured or in strange environments.

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Evidence suggests that the ‘purr’ may be a hard-wired instinctual way of naturally healing cats. It’s thought that the old adage: “a cat has nine lives’ stems from their amazing ability to heal themselves.

The ‘purr’ resonates between 20-100 Hertz. It’s within this sonic frequency that evidence has proved it to be regenerative and immune system boosting.

What’s more, apparently, when humans’ absorb the vibrations of a cat’s purr, it’s beneficial to people too. Maybe that’s why when Gremlin purrs in time to Music for Cats, its mewsic to my ears too!

Music for Cats is available to buy now, RRP: £9.99

By Anna Webb, Broadcaster, Author, Trainer & Nutritionist (CIVT)


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