What Vets Wish We Knew


To coincide with National Pet Month (April 2017) over 500 vets and vet nurses across the UK were polled by the Veterinary Animal Welfare Coalition (VAMC).

The VAMC comprises leading veterinary organisations and vet-led animal charities and helps pet owners better understand their pets’ five key welfare needs.


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The top five most things that veterinary professionals wish we knew were:

1. How to recognise when their animal is overweight

2. That flat-faced breeds suffer lots of health and welfare issues

3. How to recognise signs that their animal is in pain

4. That pet owners have a responsibility to care for their pet properly and follow the five animal welfare needs

5. That their veterinary team is the best place to go to for advice on all areas of pet care, including what may be the most suitable pet for them


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Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association said: “Every owner loves their pet; however, the vet team often see animals with problems that could be avoided"

“Vets and vet nurses are invaluable sources for pet care information with years of training and experience under their belts, and will be more than happy to answer any queries or concerns owners may have about their pets.”


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Every day throughout National Pet Month,

the Veterinary Animal Welfare Coalition:

the British Veterinary Association,

British Veterinary Nursing Association,

British Small Animal Veterinary Association,

British Veterinary Zoological Society,

Blue Cross,


 will be tweeting the various things vets and vet nurses wished pet owners knew.

To find out more, check out their Twitter feeds or follow the hashtag #Wewishyouknew

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