Pet CT Scanning Arrives at Toll Barn Vets in Norfolk

Toll Barn Vets are delighted to announce that we now have our very own on-site CT Scanner!

CT scanners allow a complete 3D image of the pet. CT scanners have thousands of applications within veterinary care and are the best (and sometimes only) method of diagnosing and assessing the treatment for orthopaedic disorders such as elbow dysplasia, complex fractures, bone tumours and limb growth deformities.

CT scanning is also much more sensitive than conventional x-ray in the search for tumour spread and assessing the 3D boundaries of the tumour to allow precise surgical removal.

CT scanning also aids identification of nasal disease including tumours, fungal infection, bacterial infection and foreign bodies; ear disease including middle ear disease; lung disease including infection, tumour, foreign bodies and trauma damage and neurological conditions including imaging of the spine, spinal cord and brain.


ct scanner in use


Our CT scanner is a very specialised machine that is able to image all species of pets from the smallest lizard to the largest dogs.

We are delighted with our recent CT scanner addition and after our intensive specialist training have already been making use of it to help treat pets under our care.

As CT scanners are so few and far between the addition of our on-site CT scanner marks a big investment and improvement in the standard of care currently accessible to local pets and owners.

To find out more about our CT scanning service please contact the Toll Barn Vets team on 01692 407126


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