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While it may seem fun and cute to allow your dog to be the life of the party, there are some key factors to be aware of, especially if your four-legged friend isn’t a fan of large crowds or you have guests that aren’t fans of dogs.

To stay abreast of some good dos and don’ts as the host of a party and a dog owner, take a look at these tips on pet etiquette for house parties.


 Don't Feed Dogs Party Food

A big problem that many dog owners encounter when having guests over is people sharing table food with their pet. Many guests want to bond with your dog, and what better way to get them interested in you than to give them a little treat?

Giving dogs table food, however, can be super unhealthy and can cause aggression and barking, especially if you have multiple dogs vying for the same scraps. Even healthy treats like carrots should be discouraged in a party setting. To be safe, it may be best to strongly suggest to your guests to not give your pets any table food.


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Prep Your Pets For A Party

The best way to get your dog ready for a party is to ensure they are well fed and well exercised beforehand. If you have an extremely energetic dog, having them around people will turn that energy up to 11.

While that could be cute at first, it could get overwhelming for your guests that aren’t used to that level of energy. A tired and well-fed dog usually equates to a calm and well-behaved dog.



Know When To Intervene

Before you have your party, try and evaluate whether or not it’s a good idea to have your dog out and mingling with guests. According to House Method, one thing you may want to consider is keeping your pet in its crate or safe space away from all of the people and noise. Some dogs can get scared when a lot of people enter your home.

If you know your dog is prone to anxiety, barking, or begging, consider putting your dog in their crate, away from all the noise. If you choose to keep your dog out of its crate, don’t feel bad about putting your dog in their crate later on if they seem to get uncomfortable as the night progresses. Dogs may be fine at first, but after a period of time they may want to find a quiet place. Take your dog’s queues and be sure to make a safe space available to them if needed.

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Get Rid Of The Fur

Dog lover or not, nobody likes to be swathed in fur. Whether your dog sheds a lot or a little, be sure to pass the vacuum over your home and furniture to get rid of any pet dander and fur that has accumulated over time. Not only will this make your house a bit cleaner before the party, it will also help mitigate the issue of fur getting on people’s clothes. Getting rid of pet fur can also be beneficial for anyone with pet allergies and could prevent them from bursting into a sneezing fit. When getting rid of your pet’s fur, be sure to clean less common places that could collect dust and dog fur, like tables, bookshelves, and wall corners.


Take Note Of Excessive Barking

When you live with dogs, you tend to tone out barking; this may not be the case with guests that aren’t used to dogs. While some may find it fun and endearing that your dog is barking and bouncing in excitement, others may find it hard to listen to music or carry on a conversation.

It’s also important to take note of why your dog is barking. Is he actually having fun? Is he begging for food when he shouldn’t? Or is he getting a little overwhelmed from all the happenings in your home? Be sure to make adjustments according to your dog’s temperament and how your guests are responding to your dog.

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Use Those Commands

If your dog has a series of commands that he responds to, be sure to use them whenever possible during your party. This will help keep your dog from doing anything you normally wouldn’t allow, and it may also help anxious dogs feel a sense of calm. Commands as simple as “sit” and “stay” can give your dog the comfort and guidance it needs in a busy environment.



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