Derma Soothe - By Bonnie & Bailey

Organic Dog Grooming Products Approved By The Soil Association

Our regular readers will know, Eddie our 3 year old Great Dane has suffered from a dry and listless coat for a few months now. The problem was solved by the introduction of a raw diet from Natural Instinct but for whatever reason Eddie had picked up a further low grade skin condition that left his coat looking blotchy and dull.

In keeping with our own preference for natural products, we used Bonnie & Bailey’s ‘Derma Soothe’ shampoo to give his coat a thorough clean. Derma Soother contains Jojoba and Argan and is specially formulated for use on dogs with sensitive skins.

Bonnie & Bailey were the first luxury dog grooming products company to be approved by the Soil Association. They were the first to create products without harmful parabens or SLS which resulted in them receiving the coveted Soil Association marque.


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Derma soothe comes in an attractive and sturdy metal bottle and the shampoo is dispensed via a pump at the top. As ex-groomers ourselves, we were amazed at how easy it was to obtain a decent lather.

You would typically expect a product that does not contain all the usual chemicals to require a lot of product to generate a lather.

Not a bit of it – Derma Soothe was really easy to apply and gave excellent coverage. It was also easy to rinse off too and smells great.


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The main test, however, was whether using Derma Soothe had a positive effect on Eddie’s coat. And we are pleased to report that it certainly did!

Not only did he smell great but his coat started to regain its former lustre, all in just a few days.

Bonnie & Bailey certainly do not claim that Derma Soothe has any curative abilities, but based on our experience it certainly restored Eddie’s coat to its former blue-coated glory!

Derma Soothe is not cheap at £12.50 for a 250ml bottle – but quality seldom is and we did obtain a fabulous lather from a small amount of shampoo so a standard bottle should last you a good few washes.

Don’t forget either that we were washing a giant breed so you should be able to get lots of use out of a 250ml bottle.

We love the whole ethos of Bonnie & Bailey and were very impressed with Derma Soothe.


An easy 5 paws out of 5 rating!





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