Product Review: ByBenji Biltong - A Meat treat for for Dogs



Today was the day I tested the sample we received from bybenji on Alfie, my 8 year old, food loving, Cocker Spaniel.

What first caught my eye was the fact there were no artificial flavourings, no gluten, no corn, no wheat, no MSG, no soya and no carbohydrates as well as including high amounts of protein, low salt, low fat and no sugar.

All good features for the inside and outside!



I felt comfortable feeding this to Alfie as a rewarding snack for good behavior as he has recently embarked on a New Year New Me doggy diet, as he appeared to have developed a slight Christmas belly!!

Another lovely thing to see is that only the finest meat has been used within this snack meaning every dog is receiving nothing but the best.

From an owner’s side I expected to come across a strong, unappealing, dog-food smell that appears very often in packaging of both wet and dried food, however I was extremely wrong.

I was very pleasantly surprised when there was absolutely no unappealing smell and this would 100% give me confidence in storing this product safely without having to worry about the odours it produces at home.

A nice feature to be noted was that the packaging featured an oxygen absorber that gave the peace of mind that all treats have remained fresh and there should be no cause for concern in the quality department.

Although I only used this product within my house, the packaging featured a reusable plastic strip which meant the packaging could be clipped back together and taken anywhere on the move e.g. walks, and days out.





Then along came the testing part! Where Alfie then became the star of the show. 

Alfie is a HUGE food lover, and it appears to be on his brain a good 99.9% of the day; his meals are usually demolished in around 3 seconds flat and he still continues to looks for more.

Having said this, I can tell exactly when he isn’t interested in a type of food as he simply appears uninterested and almost gives a look as if he wants to say “What did I do to deserve this!!”

I can happily say this wasn’t the case with bybenji, Alfie jumped for joy at the new and interesting snack he has not yet discovered or tasted.

This is the only calm and collected photo I could capture without Alfie showing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm at the thought of a new food.




With the food featuring in the lower left hand side of the image, you can see Alfie’s eyes are fixated and he is fully prepared to take on the challenge!

As expected, Alfie demolished the sample within seconds and was definitely left wanting more.

It was great to have the reassurance of what bybenji had included in their food and what is being added to my dogs diet especially with the information on the packaging in regards to calorie information and content of the food.

Overall I have really enjoyed reviewing this product by bybenji and am thrilled with the positive feedback I am able to supply.

This will definitely be something Alfie will be enjoying for a snack more often!



The Downside?


15g  - £1.25  •  80g - £5.99  •  3 x 80g £17.99  •  500g - £32.99

It's true, our dogs enjoyed them, and they probably would like biltong to be a regular in their treat jar.

However, x 1 pack of treats didn't last a week, so we would need to buy at least two bags a week to meet demand - costing around £50 a month.

That doesn't leave much in their 'snack  allowance' for anything else! 

We would say thay are great as a special treat, your dogs will love them!



Product Quality:          ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Value for money:                   ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Would you recommend:    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


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