Product Reviews - Natural Instinct Raw dog food

 My name is Stan and the guys at the Good Vet & Pet Guide are privileged to share their home with me.

I am a 6 and a half year old Great Dane who is starting to feel his age a wee bit.  I usually suffer from frequent low grade ear infections during the spring / summer months which have made me quite uncomfortable and dare I say it - my vet quite rich!  I have been quite happy to eat brand name kibble having previously decided that I did not enjoy a traditional raw food diet. 

When the lovely people at Natural Instinct suggested that I give their ‘Working Dog’ range a try I was all for it! I have seen first-hand the transformation it has brought about in my housemate Eddie. He used to be skinny which allowed me to boss him about but since he gained 2 stone after being on Working Dog, it’s the other way round!

I have eaten Working Dog every day for the past six weeks and the change in me has been unbelievable. I look much better and touch wood, I haven’t needed to go back to the vet for any ear treatment. As with Eddie, my poo is easy to collect and our garden no longer resembles a stable yard.

If you share your life with a senior dog then don’t be shy about changing their diet. No matter how old they are, there is no harm in trying a raw food diet. Unlike most of the ‘brand’ name petfoods, all of Natural Instinct’s food is made with natural, non-synthetic human grade ingredients.

I can’t comment on the science (I’m a dog and can’t read or write or speak English) but I can tell you that it tastes delicious and I look a million dollars! The lovely people at Natural Instinct are always on hand to answer any queries you might have about feeding a raw diet. Don't be shy - just pick up the phone and give them a call. I would if I could!