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The most simple and effective solution to stop a dog from pulling on the lead

The Gencon is gentle on the dog and very effective, which is proving popular with Pet Owners, Dog Kennels, Trainers, Behaviourists, Dog Clubs and Vets alike.  




We gave a GenCon to a highly experienced dog behaviouralist and a novice owner to use as well as putting it through its paces ourselves.  The first thing to say is that it is VERY easy to put on - there are not fiddly clips to overcome. All you is put the first loop over the dog's head  and the second loop over his snout and that is just about all there is to do. The GenCon is made of sturdy nylon material and comes in a range of colours.

Both sets of reviewers reported impressive results, particularly the novice owner for whom all their pulling problems had disappeared. The only other comment received was that the entire collar and lead combo had to be removed when letting the dog off for a run, unlike other head collars from which just the lead can be detached. If your dog goes off lead regularly, then this can prove to be a bit fiddly.


Other than that, we are happy to recommend the GenCon All in 1 to any pet owner who is experiencing the inconvenience of having a dog pull on lead as it delivers exactly what it promises to do.


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The Gencon® Allin1 Head Collar

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