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Based in the heart of the seafood capital of the UK in Grimsby, Sea Treats source daily Fresh fish and make Award-winning 100% Natural Fish based dog treats as well as super supplements for cats. We thought that it would be fun to have a chat with Tracy George from Sea Treats to find out a bit more about who they are and what they do.




Tell Us More!  

"Sea Treats produce premium quality, Air Dried, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much-loved pets, using fresh fish responsibly sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities.

Our super supplements are sourced responsibly ensuring each ingredient delivers on functional benefits for our dogs and cats. Some of our ingredients include our Organic Hand Harvested Seaweed sourced from Ireland. Seaweed fits with fish and has many health benefits due to its high mineral and iodine content – it is great for pets’ oral health and their immune systems.

All our products are hypoallergenic, grain-free, naturally high in Omega 3 and free from additives and preservatives to supplement our pets’ daily diet with all the nutrients their bodies require. They are great for dogs with allergies or who are otherwise fussy eaters. Dogs just love the aroma of fish!

We are passionate about our treats and super supplements with a team who come from a mix of the Pet and seafood sector. We compete with our dogs (and win) at all major UK national Championship dog shows and have over 25 years’ experience in international seafood supply chains."


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What about the quality of your products?

To meet our customer expectations, we expertly source daily fresh fish via the human supply chain with only fish meat used (no fish meal, heads, frames) If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for our pets!

How can pet owners be confident that Sea Treats are safe?

We are DEFRA approved with our next step in achieving - Certifying food safety and quality – ISO 22000.

That's very impressive. But what about sustainability and the environment?

We achieved a World’s 1st certification for our Whitefish fish jerky dog treat. This is Europe’s 1st MSC certified Dog Treat. We sourced our seaweed on the basis of its health benefits, safety and sustainability and only use Organic Hand Harvested seaweed from Ireland.


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Here are a few of the key benefits:


 Coat condition

The Omega 3 in Fish will do wonders for a dog’s coat.


 Skin condition

The Omega 3 in Fish oils help reduce dry and irritated skin.


 Joint Mobility

The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 can help make tired and aching joints more supple especially in Older Dogs


 Brain and eye development

Omega 3 and the mineral balance in Fish is a major factor in development.

paws Digestion and gut health

The easier digestibility of fish protein reduces the growth of unwanted gut bacteria and is a help for dogs with sensitive tummies and older dogs with slower digestive systems.

 A taste dogs adore The Strong aroma of fish is a welcome alternative to other blander treats for dogs. 



Sea Treats voted 2015 Best Pet product by UK pet retail at Pet Industry Federation

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Sea Treats make the world’s 1st MSC certified Whitefish Jerky for Dogs – The treat is sustainable and can be traced back to the ocean