Seeing the Light


It was a sad fact that my beloved Mini Bull Molly suffered from ‘problem paws’ all her life.

She had what I’ve coined ‘Bull terrier’ foot. It’s a build-up of hard skin, which over time makes the pads misshaped. Molly’s paw-pads would crack easily and be very sore, making walking very difficult indeed.

 Molly Paws light


Molly’s paws were simply too small for her sturdy build - it’s a design fault in the breed. Bullies feet have been selected to reflect the breed standard for “small, compact, ‘cat-like’ paws”.   We battled this problem for 12 years, but despite a host of treatments including surgically removing part of her paw pad and removing a claw, nothing fixed the problem.

That was until I saw the light when world-renowned animal Physiotherapist Sherry Scott treated Molly.


Molly red light two


I’d read lots of science about the power of light therapy / Phototherapy in my study with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies. But nothing ever beats the first-hand experience. The effects it had on Molly’s paws was literally amazing!

Molly didn’t mind wearing her special ‘Doggles’ for our sessions until I realised that the light emitted from a Photizo does not harm the eyes. Rather than a laser light that can be harmful, Photizo uses a combination of Infra-red and LED light that is not harmful.

I’ve also used red-light to help Mr Binks (my re-homed English Toy Terrier). He only has one hip as he suffers from a degenerative condition called Legg Calves Perthes. His left hip ball joint was removed before he came to live with us.

Thanks to lots of ‘rehab’ including Acupuncture, massage and regular blasts of red light from Photizo’s Vetcare, he rarely carries his leg now. Nobody can believe he’s missing a hip!  Prudence is a typical accident-prone Mini Bull. She’s recently injured her back leg and Photizo is continuing to help its re-hab.

I’ve also used it to help Prudence with her allergic reaction to a flea-bite. The red light stimulates the affected skin to heal as it reduces the swelling and any itchiness in the skin.  It’s also great to help Prudence calm down and enjoy a massage session. Running the light over her key acupuncture points releases ‘happy hormones’ that ‘zone’ her out.

As some of Prudence’s relatives suffer from ‘Bull Terrier’ foot, I’m using the light on her paws as a preventative measure. I’m just happy to have seen the ‘light’ and be able to be prudent for Prudence.

 Second pic 400x300