What is Animal Communication?


Animal Communication 'Talking' To The Animals. 

it uses the 4 psychic senses Clairvoyance (Seeing) Clairsentience (Feeling) Clairaudience (Hearing) and Claircognative (Knowing) to telepathically communicate with animals.

Society tells us it's not possible but if you think about it, we only really use 10% of our brain so who really defines what we can and cannot do?

Yes, it sounds a little crazy to most but we are all born with the ability and most of us use it in everyday life without even realising it, we suddenly get up and walk over to the phone as it rings, we think about someone and bump into them the same day or your pets in another room and you suddenly get up, only to find them staring at the back door because they want to go out.

Sound familiar?

Animal Communication can help on so many levels, mind, body and soul. Animals understand a lot more than people give them credit for, the smallest change in the household or your life and they know.

Many animals, just like people, love the opportunity to talk to someone and confide in someone, it helps relieve the pressure.

Every animal is different; each has their own unique personality, likes and dislikes. I have not had one communication that has been the same; each animal has fascinated me with their personality, views and what they have to say.

Communicators use a technique called 'body scanning' to look for any underlying health problems, it is a wonderful tool and can help in times when owners feel powerless for example the animal has undergone surgery, is terminally ill or even just a small injury such as a limp.

It allows an owner to gain understanding and the pet a chance to explain how it feels. People will often then look to Reiki to help relieve the pain and stress and help improve calmness, relaxation and healing.

Animals love Reiki and will often seek it from healers. A great example is a client's older dog had bad arthritis, a week later, after just one session I got a phone call saying that he had been moving much better and hadn't needed any tablets.

Gabriella Fotara