Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Guest Post By Jesse McDaniel

Are Fleas Bugging Your Dog?

You love your canine friend so much and would go the extra mile to keep them safe from pests and illnesses, but even after the best of efforts, parasites such as fleas can somehow creep in. This can be frustrating, especially because you’ve done your best to keep them away but these pesky critters have somehow managed to create a ruckus.

But the question arises, how does one know exactly when fleas have entered their dog’s body? Well, there are quite a few ways in which you can know when your buddy has the fleas, and the quicker you spot them, the better and easier it will be to get rid of them.

 How Does One Know If Their Dog Has the Fleas?

It is very essential to pay heed to your dog because the symptoms are the best way to know if your buddy has fleas or not. Below are some of the ways by which you can clearly tell if your canine friend has fleas or not!

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 Excessive Itching or Scratching

Just like most parasites, fleas too depend heavily on a host animal for their survival, and when it comes to your dog, the host here is of course, your dog’s blood. And when such fleas latch onto the surface of your dog, you will notice them scratching and biting their fur. Now this happens because dogs can be allergic to the protein in flea saliva and this causes your dog to scratch excessively. Moreover, with every flea bite, your dog will get agitated and will scratch their bodies dime to a dozen.

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Pale Yellowish Gums

When fleas tend to live and breed on their surface areas of your dog’s body, they can suck out the energy from your dog and leave them gasping for breath. Now apart from the scratching itching, bumps, and hair loss, you might also notice your buddy’s gums turning pale yellow. And this is purely because of the blimey fleas that are living on your dog’s body.

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Red Pimples, Bumps, And Hair Loss

You may notice red colored pimples and bumps on your dog’s groin or belly areas and even under their legs or at the base of their tail and perhaps even on their behind. These pimples and bumps will cause your dog to scratch excessively due to their itchiness and the more they scratch, you will notice hair fall on those areas. Moreover, if left untreated, these areas can form crusty lesions and infections can develop which can lead to more severe health problems.


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How to Get Rid of Fleas for Good

The above signs and symptoms will help you a great deal in figuring out if your buddy has the dreaded fleas or not. And if you notice any of them, be sure it is the fleas. You have discovered that your dog has fleas. Now what? Well, the solution is very simple! It is time to get your pal treated and there are quite a few effective ways you can opt for.

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Bathe with Flea Shampoo

The best way in such a situation would be to give your dog a nice warm bath. Make sure to use a flea shampoo in order to get rid of all the fleas on the body. And also make sure to use warm water because it will help kill the fleas quickly.

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Flea Products

Once you have bathed your pet and have gotten the fleas off the body, it does not mean that there are no more fleas on the body. Some fleas are hard to spot with the naked eye, and thus, for complete removal of fleas, the next step would be to opt for flea products.

Frontline Plus, Nexgard, Frontline Spray, etc are some excellent flea products that help in eliminating fleas as well as preventing them from re-occurring. You can get these supplies at extensively low rates only on CanadaPetCare!
As a pet parent, it is imperative to stay vigilant at all times so that if any issue occurs, you can act promptly and help treat your buddy as quickly as possible. Take care of your buddy and keep him safe at all times!


Guest Post By Jesse McDaniel

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Jesse McDaniel is a seasoned writer at various pet care blogs. An animal lover and enthusiastic about pet health, Jesse mostly writes on animal health care helping pet owners to provide the best health care to their furry friends. You can connect with her on Twitter.



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