Lifestyle vs. Breed Standard

Why Groom?

Grooming is an important part of forging and maintaining a relationship with your pet. Regardless of their breed and coat type, regular brushing not only promotes good skin and coat health but also helps you and your pet to bond. The frequency of brushing varies greatly between breeds and individual animals, but ideally, you should be grooming them every day.  

A regular grooming routine has many benefits; it helps to keep their coat clean, removes dead hair or undercoat and it also aids in the distribution of the natural oils of the skin which will promote a healthier coat. It will also enable you to notice any changes to your pet’s body, such as lumps and swellings or evidence of a foreign body, such as a grass seed.

Styling - The Breed Standard – Pet vs. Show, what’s the difference? 

The actual Breed Standard aka Show trim is not for the faint-hearted, for example - a Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier would have hair to the floor and a top knot and a Cocker Spaniel or Schnauzer is hand-stripped rather than clipped.  Dogs with show coats are maintained meticulously on a daily basis, and they are not allowed to get into things that may ruin the coat - instead, their coats are wrapped and banded to prevent damage. 

What grooming salons offer is a universally recognised variation of the Breed Standard for pets – rather than hand strip we clip, we trim a Poodle Pom rather than tie it in a topknot, and Yorkies are styled similar to the Westie cut – easier on the dogs and your pocket.

Lifestyle vs. Breed Standard

The Personality cut - you are limited only by your imagination!

Dogs that are active outdoors, and regularly pick up dirt; twigs and other natural things in their coats will require frequent grooming, so a shorter style would make the coat easier for you to care for and most importantly be more comfortable for your dog. You might have a Schnauzer but love the look of a West Highland terrier – so opt for a similar cut to that or you might have a Poodle but love the look of an Airedale – it really is up to you, but remember, it is up to you to groom your dog in-between appointments – so please be realistic!

Tip:  Bring a picture to your consultation, know how short or long you want it - we all have different ideas of what is long and what is short. Again, be realistic, we cannot put hair on, so if you have a poodle with fine wispy hair we will not be able to achieve a Continental Lion Clip!