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Bella and Duke - Raw Dog Food Subscriptions

Bella and Duke - Raw Dog Food Subscriptions

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9 Reform Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 6BD, United Kingdom
01738 479865
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100% Natural Dog Food Delivered to Your Door

All of their dog food is grain free, gluten free and hypoallergenic.

It’s suitable for all dogs large or small, young or old. It's frozen so it's really easy to store and serve.

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Raw Pet Food as Nature Intended

tick green Human grade ingredients

tick green Bespoke to your dog's needs

tick green  As nature intended



Bella & Duke has a mission! To get as many pets off processed food as possible and on to a healthy species specific raw diet. Click on the button below to see how they do it...


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50% Off Your First Order

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Enter    GVPG50   at checkout and save 50% on your first online order max weight 20kg  


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Complete Dog Range

Complete Working Dog & Working Dog Puppy

Turkey • Chicken • Beef • Tripe • Duck • White Fish • Lamb

Bella and Duke mince all of their meals through a 10mm plate twice to grind down bones.

The fruit and vegetables used in their recipes differ depending on the season, this also helps to reduce food intolerance. The complete Working Dog range gives a highly active dog everything they need to stay fit and active.

Reduced Lectins • No gluten • No grains


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80:10:10 Range

Beef • Chicken • Turkey • Duck • Tripe 

The 80:10:10 range is perfect if you don’t want veg in the meal. The meals all contain 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

No Lectins • No gluten • No grains


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Enriched Range

Duck • Haddock• Turkey • Beef

Using latest research, the Bella & Duke team have developed the Enriched meal range to help protect and improve your dog's health. Their mission is to match your dogs Health Span with their Lifespan -  and nutrition is the key.

This range is perfect for all dogs of all ages and fitness levels.

No Gluten • Even More Reduced Lectins • No Grains • No BS


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Puppy Range 

Working Puppy Range is the ideal raw food for puppies, whether you’re looking for raw chicken, beef, lamb, or duck.

All meat is sourced from BRC Accredited human grade factories in the UK, and all fruit and veg are sourced locally.

Each meal contains raw meat, bone, and vegetables, which provides the ideal nutrition for a growing young dog. A key element in their raw puppy food is to provide your dog with access to a wide range of proteins which reduce the likelihood of food intolerance. They believe food intolerance is created by feeding puppies the same protein every day.

Raw Puppy Food Rough Feeding Guide:

•  2-4 months – 8% of their body weight per day

• . 4-6 months – 6% of their body weight per day

• . 6-8 months – 4% of their body weight per day

• . 8-12 months – 3% of their body weight per day





You can tailor your pets' meals to their liking

Total control over quantity and frequency

A typical 4kg box contains: 

1 x 500g Chicken • 1 x 500g Turkey • 1 x 500g Beef • 1 x 500g Duck • 1 x 500g White Fish • 1 x 500g Salmon • 1 x 500g Lamb • 1 x 500g Tripe


From Kitchen to Bowl in 3 Easy Steps


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Step 1

Handpicked just for your dog

Every dog is unique and Bella and Duke understand that one size does not fit all.  They deliver food based on your dog's weight and activity levels. Simply choose the size and frequency of your order, and they will select a variety of meals based on your dog's requirement. 


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Step 2

Delivered To Your Door

Never run out of food again.

They will know when you are running low and will deliver your next box before you run out. Your dog’s food will then be delivered for free to your front door.  You are not tied to any contract and you can cancel or pause at any time.  

Click here to see their ingredients


  Bella & Duke Raw Dog Food Ingredients & Meals from Mark Scott on Vimeo.



Step 3

Defrost, Feed & See The Difference

Their meals come in airtight boxes with lids for easy defrosting and storage.

It takes 24hrs to defrost in your fridge and has a 4-day shelf life when kept in the fridge.  It really is so easy to do once you get into a routine.

When it arrives at your home, unpack the box and put the trays straight in the freezer. You can then take one tray of food out and let it defrost in the fridge. Defrost in a Tupperware box. Store it in the fridge as you do with normal raw meat.

It will last in your fridge for 4 days after being defrosted.


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Prices and Box Sizes

There are no minimum orders for repeat orders, you can change box sizes, frequency, pause or cancel at any time, you are in total control.




New to Raw Feeding?

Try it out first with a trial pack

 Bella and Duke offers a 4kg trial box which contains 8 x 500g trays with a variety of meals

You can also choose a normal 4kg on repeat order and save £5. 

Cancel your subscription at any time, you are not tied to any period and have total control.

get started


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(Updated: June 26, 2018)
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Brilliant Food

Brilliant Food
We've been raw feeding our Great Danes for years and in our opinion it has produced fantastic results - vitality, shiny coats, less allergies / fewer ear infections, fewer vet visits, cleaner teeth and as a bonus smaller poos - which means a lot when you normally need a dustbin lid and a black bin bag to go on poo patrol! 
All joking aside, Bella & Duke's raw food is simply fantastic. We ordered 500g tubs and straight away the thing that struck us was the absence of smell when the food is defrosted. Usually with some raw brands that contain tripe, the smell can be pretty unpleasant. We used one raw food brand in the past where the smell was the key reason we decided to change. Not with Bella & Duke. The defrosted food is virtually odourless - a big plus when you are feeding upwards of 1.5kg per day. 
The quality is amazing too and whilst it's not cheap, you can be sure that every penny is being spent on the ingredients rather than the packaging - in fact, the tubs don't have a tiresome cardboard sleeve - just open the lid and feed. We won't be going anywhere else.

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