Celtic Connection - Complete and Balanced Holistic Pet Food

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Celtic Connection - Complete and Balanced Holistic Pet Food

Ethically-farmed, Freshly-prepared and Gently-steamed Ingredients 

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Their approach of single type protein from ethically-farmed animals gives veterinarians an important tool for testing and diagnosing food allergies.

Veterinarians know that pets without food allergies also benefit from the high percentage of premium animal ingredients, the synergistic blend of fruits, vegetables and botanical herbs and the added supplements for a long, active and happy life.




Hypoallergenic Recipes 

To reduce allergic reactions, all Celtic Connection recipes are gently-steamed and include their 'Unique Single Source Protein Philosophy' with ethically-farmed protein from at least two sources of only one animal type (fish, poultry or caprini) which provides a better amino acid balance.

They do not include any beef, pork, dairy, soy, grain, or fillers.


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No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The unique blend of  fruits and vegetables in Celtic Connection Pet Food have been specifically selected to promote a healthy digestive system, strong teeth and bones and a shiny coat. Their proprietary  blend helps cleanse the liver, promote urinary tract health and even reduce pet odour - for your comfort as well as your pet’s.


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Grain-free and gluten-free

The synergistic blend of added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in Celtic Connection allows your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life and allows you to spend more time being active with your pet.


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NO GMO ingredients.

The proprietary blend of botanical herbs in Celtic Connection Pet Food are included at levels  to help replenish deficiencies, encourage healing, balance hormones and stimulate the immune system. Every ingredient has been selected to  promote natural health.




Complete & Balanced Holistic Pet Food

Recipes are produced in small batches to ensure the food you give your pet is always fresh.




Dry Food 

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These crunchy hypoallergenic treats are made with 80% freshly prepared and gently steamed poultry or fish.

The premium ingredients have been specially selected to avoid gluten while their handy 1cm size means you can easily take them along when you and your dog are on the go. A

t less than 4 calories each, they are perfect for training or rewarding your pet any time of the day or night.


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Only packaging that is natural and kind to Mother Nature is good enough to hold their healthy, holistic recipes.

Their packaging is specially produced by a company that adheres to the requirements of the PEFC - the organisation that promotes sustainable forest management through forest certification.  Their bags are also printed using water-based inks, sealed with solvent-free adhesives and include a food-starch lining so no chemicals come into contact with your beloved pet's meal.

They are so natural, you can dispose of them on the compost pile, shred and use them as mulch around your plants or in potting soil to help retain water, or even in your cat's litter box. 


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