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Huxley Hound Better Than Raw™ Vegetable Dog Treats

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The Treat You Can Trust

Ethically Sourced, Nutritionally-Rich, Lovingly Made

Made in Britain • 100% Organic • Less then 1% Fat • 100% Preservative Free • 100% Additive Free • 100% Allergen Free


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Huxley Hound ‘Better Than Raw™' healthy dog treat range was created from a passion for raw feeding and natural canine nourishment, with one simple goal – to make sure that as many dogs as possible have access to high quality nutrition.  

They are a range of nutritionally-rich, tasty vegetable snacks for dogs of all shapes and sizes, which can be eaten in addition to their regular diet.

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As natural omnivores, every dog’s diet should include a healthy balance of meat and nutritious dog friendly vegetables. This will provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life. 

The ‘Better Than Raw™’ fully traceable organic vegetable treats are delicious, and will help to improve the nutritional intake of every dog, whatever their diet.  Find out more here: FAQs


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Ethically-sourced, organic vegetables dehydrated in the UK



Range Box

The Range Box is a great way to introduce your fur'iend to their complete range, treat your dog to a different tasty, nutritious snack every day.  Each box includes:

1 x Dried Organic Beetroot  1 x Dried Organic Carrot  1 x Dried Organic Parsnip  1 x Dried Organic Sweet Potato


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Organic Parsnip 30g

Made from 100% organic British parsnips, which have a very low glycaemic index, this tasty snack is ideal for dogs with high cholesterol or diabetes. Each 30g pack is a fantastic source of antioxidants and high in folates.

Releases energy slowly • High in folates for digestive health • Less than 0.2% fat




Organic Beetroot

It's 100% organic British beetroot with all the nutrients pushed to the surface so that each and every bite is full of deliciousness. Their snacks contain nutrients and minerals that promote a healthy heart and blood chemistry, and strengthen your dog’s immune system.

For healthy heart, blood and immune system • Rich in manganese, magnesium & phosphate • Less than 1% fat




Organic Sweet Potato

Organic Sweet potato from Spain that’s processed in Yorkshire, these snacks are a great source of minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium) and rich in antioxidants. This firm favourite is sweet in flavour, yet still low in fat.

Rich in beta-carotene for shiny coats • Promotes digestive health • Less than 1% fat




Organic Carrot

Organic British carrot, farmed in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, gently dehydrated to increase the concentration of antioxidants. The perfect treat if your dog has a sensitive tum, and, like all of their snacks, they’re low in fat.

For dogs with sensitive tummies • Rich in antioxidants • Less than 1% fat





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Our dogs love them

We bought the Range Box which contains one of each from their range of treats which included: Beetroot, Carrot, Parsnip and Sweet Potato. It also came with a cute cloth bag for treats on the go!
The Better Than Raw organic vegetable treats are small pieces of yummy, crunchy goodness which all four of our dogs go head over tail for - especially the Beetroot treats!
Daisy, our Labrador cross is a bit overweight so we have to watch what she eats, so the fact that they are also low fat make them the perfect alternative.
..... on a personal note - as a vegetarian it is so nice to feed my dogs a treat that doesn't have me holding my breath to avoid the smell or rushing to the sink to wash my hands!
Would recommend!

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