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Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food & Cat Food - Camberley, Surrey

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Natural Instinct Limited, 5 Admiralty Way, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DT, United Kingdom
01276 608500
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#1 For Healthy Raw Dog Food & Cat Food in UK

Natural Instinct raw dog food and raw cat food uses human-grade meat and nutritious vegetables.

The choice of award-winning dog breeders.

Natural Instinct is the convenient no stress, no mess way to feed a nutrionally balanced and delicious raw food to your cats and dogs.  Using only the finest British ingredients their biologically appropriate raw food is 100% natural - just as nature intended.

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Simply the best

I had struggled to find a food that Brewster would stick to, and agreed with. On his first birthday I decided to give RAW a chance after reading some really good reviews. The food arrived, I didn't wean him as he hadn't eating in a couple again, he ate the days worth in two meals, but only about 2 hours apart due to defrosting. No accident in the morning, and out walking, his toilet offerings were amazing. Small, firm and with odour. This was almost two years ago, we haven't looked back. Brewster has more energy, and everyone says how great he looks and how shiny is coat looks, and with a Springer Spaniel, that enjoys swimming and mud, that is a true miracle. The staff at NI are always happy, helpful and informative. I can't recommend this company highly enough.

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Raw food and using Natural Instinct

I have used Natural Instinct with my five dogs for some time now and extremely pleased with the results. All my pack literally 'wolf' the food and it has assisted in developing a healthier and calmer group of dogs.
As a professional behaviourist I absolutely recommend this product and is my preferred choice of raw foods currently on the market not only because of the quality of ingredients but also the fact that it contains bone, a natural food content that is excellent for all dogs.
Again I reccomend Natural Instinct to all my clients at my canine school and as importantly as part of my many consultations when reviewing the behaviour of their dog.

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First class food

my spaniels have been on Natural Instinct for over a year now and I can honestly say they have never looked better or been healthier. My cocker spaniel had dry skin which nothing seemed to help ... until I fed Natural Instinct, her skin and coat are now amazing and we are always being complimented on it.
My dogs love the food, the ordering is really easy, delivery the next day and the staff are so helpful, I really cant say enough good things about Natural Instinct and would not hesitate to recommend it

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Simply The Best!

This dog food is simply the best!

I have been feeding Natural Instinct for two years.
The food suits all my dogs from Ruby my tiny Chihuahua to Kali and Maddie Malinois. My dogs range in age and i have found that from young pups to golden oldies Natural Instinct keeps them healthy.
I have weaned and reared puppies on the food and the results have been outstanding, pups which literally gleam with health!

The range of treats and bones is superb and offer great enrichment as well as fantastic rewards when training.

I have no hesitation in recommending

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The Natural Instinct Effect

The Natural Instinct Effect is the answer I give when asked by people who comment on how beautiful my black GS is! I'm continually being surprised by the compliments she gets visually and then when people stroke her they can't believe how silky soft she feels.

I'm on my fourth Shepherd and have never been stopped so much by folk wanting to talk to me about my dog. Her coat even smells sweet and just feels completely different to my previous kibble fed dogs.
She's been on NI from 6 months old and I will never go back to a non BARF diet the evidence speaks for itself.
The staff at NI are knowledgeable and friendly and the ordering process is really efficient.

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(Updated: December 11, 2015)


Superlatives are ten-a-penny these days. 'Amazing', 'Wonderful', 'Superb' are terms which are routinely applied to everything from shampoo to fertilizer. What people invariably mean when they use those words is that the product or service did what they expected it to do and not much else. As far as Natural Instinct's Working Dog range is concerned, the superlatives really do apply. We have owned Great Danes for many years and although they are generally a pretty robust and uncomplicated breed, they are occasionally known for their sensitive stomachs. Eddie, our two year old, blue Dane is a paradigm example. He was beset by a constantly runny tummy to the extent that he found it impossible to put on weight. His coat looked dull, his bones were visible and his bowel movements get the picture. We tried all kind of different foods - dry, wet, combination and nothing made any difference. We initially tried to raw feed him but unfortunately he turned his nose up! So when Natural Instinct came along with their Working Dog range, we were keen to give it a try.

The Working Dog range on which we feed Eddie comes in 1kg tubs of which Eddie has 2 to 3 each day. The tubs themselves are frozen and should be thoroughly defrosted over a 24 hour period so you must remember to remove the next day's dinner the day before. It is exactly the same as opening any other kind of wet food - you are absolutely not lifting the lid to reveal guts and gore. It looks like finely chopped meat and does not have any unpleasant smell.

On the first occasion that we fed Eddie, he spent 30 seconds inspecting his bowl. After taking his first mouthful, however, he attacked it with huge gusto and has continued to do so ever since. But the transformation we have seen in Eddie's condition and energy levels has been nothing short of extraordinary and has certainly exceeded our expectations by some way. His coat was previously quite oily and dull and now gleams with vitality. He has gained considerable amounts of weight too (see Eddie's Weight Gain Diary above) and is now really starting to fill his frame. He has never been a lethargic dog but his energy levels and general alertness are a joy to behold. We have genuinely lost count of the number of dog owners at the training club we attend who have complimented us on the visible improvement in Eddie's condition. He has in effect become a mini-marketing tool for Natural Instinct!

If anyone reading this has ever held any doubts about what raw feeding involves and whether there is any difference between it and other types of food, our advice is to contact Natural Instinct and give raw feeding a try. Your dog will love it, there is no mess or stress involved for you, and you will see a positive difference in your dog's condition as a result of feeding a careful blend of top quality raw ingredients. If there is a downside to feeding Natural Instinct it is that it isn't cheap (but it is great value) and that you will need freezer space to store it in. Other than that, there is absolutely no reason not to give it a try - we have, and we wouldn't feed anything else now.

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