Newhay Premium, Natural Animal Feeds

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Newhay Premium, Natural Animal Feeds

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The Yard, West End Farm, Woodhall, Selby, YO8 6TG, United Kingdom
01757 630730
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Award-winning, Specialist Growers of Top Quality Timothy Hay

Newhay are passionate about growing and producing hay to make the very best, natural, animal feeds.

They specialise in Timothy Hay, a quality grass, known for its high fibre and palatability, which is ideal to feed horses as well as small herbivores (e.g. rabbits, guinea pigs).


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Why is Timothy Hay So Good?

There are three parts to a Timothy Hay plant, all of which provide the ideal feed for herbivores.

Hay for feeding small pets should contain approximately 7% protein and 30% fibre.

Varieties such as Newhay’s Timothy Hay are better quality than meadow hays because they have a high fibre content, are more palatable and great for chewing and maintaining healthy teeth.


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Timothy Hay is a premium forage and feed for herbivores (large and small) because it is high in fibre and low in sugar. It is also very palatable and tasty to eat.

A good quality product should look green and smell fresh. It should be free from dust and mould. If stored well, in dry conditions out of direct sunlight, Timothy Hay can last for several years.


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From high performance race horses to domestic rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, all herbivores large and small will thrive on Timothy Hay from Newhay.

Just like humans, animals need to be given the right food in order to stay healthy.  Click on one of the herbivores below to see the Newhay feeding advice for each animal.


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From Field to Pack in Just 48 hours

From sowing and growing the right variety of grain, harvesting at the right time, when the seed head is in full bloom, to processing and packing, everything takes place on our North Yorkshire farm.

We have hundreds of acres of fertile, alluvial soil on which to grow our hay, whilst our storage and processing takes place within just two tractor miles, at our purpose built warehouse and factory.

See their farm in action - watch their video below



Timothy Hay Range

Pure Timothy Hay • Timothy Hay with Carrot & Apple • Timothy Hay with Dandelion & Nettle • Pure Oat Hay

Packed with natural goodness, all our hay is carefully sown and grown on our Yorkshire farm. Specially dried to retain all the qualities of fresh green hay which helps aid your animal’s digestion and provide a tasty treat.

Provides 100% of a herbivore’s daily fibre: 

No boredom • Healthier teeth • Aids digestion • Low spores • Low in sugar • Natural vitamin C


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Pure Timothy Hay | Newhay

Pure Timothy Hay | Newhay

Top Quality Pure Timothy Hay Packed with natural ..


Timothy Hay with Dandelion & Nettle | Newhay

Timothy Hay with Dandelion & Nettle | Newhay

Top Quality Timothy Hay with Added Dandelions and ..



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