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Paws Doggie Bags - Cottesmore, Oakham

Handmade Treats | Healthy Pet Food

Paws Doggie Bags specialise in baking tasty dog biscuits and treats using only 100% natural human grade ingredients.

Your dog will love them and you can be confident that you are giving your dog truly healthy treats.

They also offer an excellent range of high-quality grain-free complete dog food.



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Dogs Birthday Cake or Liver Muffin Recipe 

Find it here

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Premium Dog Food

Free UK delivery on orders over £15.00 

High-quality grain free complete dog food to support your dog from puppyhood to senior years.

No artificial preservatives or colours.

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Hand Made Biscuits

High-quality handmade treats for Dogs.

All human grade ingredients locally sourced where possible. 

The range includes:

Black Magic (Charcol Biscuits) • Beefheart's • Cheesy Grins • Clean Teeth • Flea Frighteners • Minty Kisses • Liver Pretzels • Peanut Butter Dreams • Something Fishy • Tuna Scones • Turkey Balls • Apple & Sweet Potato Twists


pick n mix large




Apple & Sweet Potato Twists

When you open a bag of Apple & Sweet Potato Twists you get the aroma of the fresh apples used to make this very popular treat!

Available in 2 sizes, the small ones are approx 2" long and the larger ones 5" long.

Ingredients: Spelt flour, Polenta, Fresh Sweet Potato, Fresh Eating Apples and Free Range Eggs


applepotatotwists small



Clean Teeth

Made with the finest flour from our local windmill and bulghur wheat, these biscuits are very hard and clean teeth in the process of being eaten. 

Available in 2 sizes

Ingredients:  Wholewheat flour, Cornmeal, Rolled oats, Bulgur wheat, Chicken Stock, Egg

clean teeth large


Training Treats

150g bags

Handy bite-sized treats for training,  taking on walks or may be used as a biscuit for toy dogs.  

The treats are approximately 1cm square. 

Available in the following flavours:  

Liver • Cheese • Peanut Butter • Tuna • Turkey


training treats4



Chicken Strips | Beef Jerky


A grain-free option, these delicious treats are made from dehydrated chicken breast or lean beef .... and nothing else!

This makes them very low in fat and very tasty!

training treats6



Monthly Subscription

Have your choice of biscuits delivered to your door every month.

Subscriptions run for 2 years and you can choose monthly, two monthly or three monthly deliveries A

ll you have to do is to select your choice of biscuits and these will be delivered to your door with free postage.

Your price is guaranteed throughout your subscription.





Paws Doggie Bag are proud to support Pet Blood Bank UK!

If your pet is a donor, and you want to order some biscuits, don't forget to enter your Discount Code and then press 'Apply Discount' in the Shopping Basket!


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(Updated: May 13, 2015)
Hi. It was eventually tasted by 7 dogs, three cats and a couple of humans. Enjoyed by all (although the 8 year old lad wasn't keen). Thanks very much for it. We would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to throw a Pooch Party.”
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