Sea Treats - Grimsby

Sea Treats - Fish-based dog treats and cat treats, Grimsby

Sea Treats - Fish-based dog treats and cat treats, Grimsby

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Unit 17 Grimsby Seafood Village, Wickham Road, Fish Dock, Grimsby, N E Lincs, DN31 3SX, United Kingdom
01472 867170
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Natural Fish Treats For Cats and Dogs

Sea Treats range of fish based treats is made from natural fresh fish. They are rich in minerals and essential nutrients and have a range of health benefits for your dog.

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Fabulous, all natural products

I received the Christmas gift bag full of: Whitefish Jerky Small Crunchies, Whitefish Jerky Sprinkles Tub, Cold Pressed Salmon Oil, Whole Dried Capelin, Natural Fishcake Bites, and Salmon & Trout Training Tiddlers over the Christmas period.
My two rescue dogs are usually a bit picky when it comes to fish, but they were ecstatic about these yummy wholesome treats especially the dried Capelin. I have been adding the salmon oil and whitefish sprinkles to their food bowls daily and they are all too eager to lick the bowl clean. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the products, the reasonable pricing, and the health benefits these fish products will provide my dogs. I am sold! I will be back, and regularly!

(Updated: January 05, 2016)

Just Wonderful!

Our dogs had a fantastic Xmas because, among other things, they received a fabulous festive goodie bag from Sea Treats.!

The treats were packaged in a lovely red canvas shopping bag and arrived in plenty of time for the big day. The bag itself contained Whitefish Jerky Sprinkles, Dried Capelin, Fishcake Bites,
Whitefish Jerky Small Crunchies, Salmon & Trout Training Tiddlers and a bottle of Cold Pressed Salmon Oil.

Our dogs find the entire range absolutely delicious and best of all, Sea Treats are the proud recipients of the the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in the dog treat industry. We were attracted to Sea Treats because we wanted to feed our dogs premium quality, natural fish-based treats they would love, safe in the knowledge that the fish has come from an independently verified sustainable source.

All in all, a great product from a company who cares about what is in their treats. Highly recommended!

Deliciousness Personified!

For those of us raised on a diet of Tom & Jerry cartoons, we can be forgiven for thinking that only cats love fish. Well people, Fred Quimby (Google him) lied to us: dogs like fish even more than cats.

We know this because our friends at Sea Treats kindly donated a selection of their delicious treats to review. In no particular order, they were Salmon Jerky Small Crunchies, Whitefish Jerky and Seaweed Fishies, Natural Salmon & Seaweed Bites, Natural Seaweed Bites, Whitefish Jerky & Small Crunchies and Natural Salmon Bites.
Based right at the heart of the UK’s premier award winning Grimsby Seafood Village, Sea Treats have two factory facilities manufacturing the best quality fish-based treats. Both facilities are UK government approved with processes in place to UK approved standards and also boast the first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for the dog treat industry.

But dogs don’t care how many certificates you have on your wall, all they care about is taste! Our panel of experts for this rigorously scientific test can boast nearly 15 year’s experience in the dog treat industry. They can sniff out a red herring (every pun intended) at over 100 paces.

As you would expect, the taste test was undertaken observing strict laboratory conditions.

Here are the results:

Salmon Jerky Small Crunchies – Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds
White Fish Jerky & Seaweed Fishies - Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds
Natural Salmon & Seaweed Bites - Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds
Natural Seaweed Bites - Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds
Whitefish Jerky Small Crunchies - Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds
Natural Salmon Bites - Delicious. Disappeared in under 0.05 seconds

The conclusion of our canine scientists is that not only are Sea Treats sustainable and healthy but they are also DELICIOUS. Your dogs will love them!