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Tails.com | Tailored Dog Food Subscription

Tailor-Made Dog Food

Delivered To Your Door

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With tails.com deliveries, you get complete peace of mind. You know your dog’s getting the best possible nutrition – and you’re in charge of how and where they deliver.

You can change the date, address, opt for contact-free delivery, or choose a designated safe space.

Never run out of dog food again!



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Tails Range of Dog Food

Food As Unique As Your Dog! 

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Discover A Whole New Way of Feeding Your Dog.

When you sign up you answer a few specific questions about your dog, their algorithm uses this information to create your dog's very own recipe. Totally tailored. Right down to the last vitamin.

The recipes at Tails.com have been developed by vets and nutritionists to give your dog exactly what they need.

Create Your Recipe

Tailored Dog Food


 Serve The Right Portion Of Food At Every Stage Of Their Life

Help your dog hit their ideal weight for good - with portion recommendations and a handy scoop.

Whether you're sticking to kibble or feeding your dog a mix of wet food and dry, you'll always know how much food to put in the bowl. 

They will adjust their recipe and portion size as they age.


Portion Control For Your Dog 


Dry Food

Does your dog prefer chicken or fish? Grain or no grain? Every detail about your dog matters to get the nutrient balance of your dog’s food just right.

Their vets and nutritionists choose each ingredient for the specific nutrients it provides – so your dog gets the right balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals they need. 

 75 % off your first order

Wet Food

Their wet dog food is slow-cooked, nutritious, and made with succulent meat and veggies.

They choose the ingredients in each recipe for the taste and nutrients they bring - from delicious lamb and rosemary to iron-rich beef, carrots, peas, and more.

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Get Tailored Dog Food Delivered To Your Door In 3 Easy Steps!

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Create Your Dog's Profile

From breed and lifestyle to the health benefits you want to see, take a few minutes to tell us about your dog.

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Create Their Unique Recipe

Give your dog the taste they love and the nutrition they need, with food made just for them.

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Try Now With 75% Off

Try it now with 75% off and free delivery, then get a box delivered every month (or every 2 weeks for puppies). Cancel any time.

Monthly deliveries are flexible and free 


Dry food and scoop


What's in your first box?

Your first tails.com dog food delivery includes the first month of their unique recipe at half price, a handy portion scoop and a few tips and tricks to get you started. 

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Happy dog. Happy you.

✔ A unique kibble recipe made just for your dog

✔ The perfect balance of meat, vegetables, and minerals with zero nasties

✔ Add mouth-watering, slow-cooked wet food

✔ Plus delicious treats and dental chews

✔ Easy for you, brilliant for them



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We could not resist taking advantage of a fabulous 75% discount on the first month’s order of tails.com dog food – and we are glad that we did. The 75% headline doesn’t really give a proper understanding of just what an incredible deal this is -we fed Daisy, our 11 year old Labradoodle, for a whole month for just £10.30! Even when we elected to continue after the first month, the cost was £40 or just £10 per week. So by any standard, a tails.com subscription provides fantastic value for money in these challenging times where every penny counts.

A tails.com subscription works by first asking you to tell the team all about your dog – normal things like, age, breed, weight etc but also details of any sensitivities or health goals that you may have. tails.com then take this information which you submit via their website to create a delicious and healthy kibble recipe tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

The recipe itself is automatically adjusted by the team at tails.com as your dog gets older to ensure that they are always getting the right blend of nutrients and vitamins, without you having to worry. And as a customer of tails.com you have always have access to their expert team of nutritionists in case you have any concerns or questions.

Each subscription is delivered to your door on a monthly basis and every bag contains a really clever serving scoop which tells you exactly how much to feed. So if you want a really healthy, convenient and great value food for your dog, a tails.com subscription is the answer. ?
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