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The Delicious Dog Food Company Ltd - Kent

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Hadlow, Tonbridge , Kent, TN11, United Kingdom
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Naturally 'Delicious' Raw Dog Food For Dogs

The Delicious Dog Food Company is a local company based in Kent.  They source local human grade meat and local vegtables. producing the tastiest, healthiest raw dog food in the UK.

They are passionate dog owners commited to producing only completely natural, completely raw and utterly delicious dog food for your four legged friend.

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Processed foods can cause your pets to have skin irritations, joint problems, tummy upsets, digestion issues, bad breath, bad teeth, hyper or aggressive behaviour, bad wind! A thought - would you feed yourselves or your children fast food every day? Processed food for pets is the equivalent of doing just that!

The Delicious Dog Food Company are constantly striving to be creative, developing new recipes that are not only ‘delicious’, but will keep your pet in the best possible health.




Their existing range of raw foods cover all aspects of your dogs life be they a young pup, adult dog or high energy working dog. With a nutritionist on board and keeping up to date with the latest doggy science, they can also cater for many specific diets.

Lets just go back to nature, back to basics and help to keep our beloved pets healthy and happy!

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Puppy Food

This puppy food is the same as the adult food, except that they grind it finer to make it easier for your little one to eat and digest.

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Dog Food 

A mouth-watering nutritious complete food for your family pet with no added preservatives, colouring or additives.

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Working Dog (VAT free)

This Working Dog food is specifically designed for your Working Dog or energetic family pet.

It has 10% higher meat content (90%) than their regular range, and the entire range is also a complete dog food.

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Treats & Extras 

Lamb Ribs

A lovely treat for your dog, these can keep them occupied for hours. A great source of vitamins and minerals.

Raw meaty Lamb rib for your dogs to enjoy Keep frozen until use, and supervise!!


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Bulls Pizzles - Bag of 10

 Often also referred to as Bully Sticks, these Bulls Penis parts are a 100% natural alternative to rawhide chews. They are lower in fat, high in protein and fully digestible.

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Ducks Necks - 1 kgs

Duck necks - 1kgs. Comes Frozen

Provides dogs with essential amino acids, minerals, and fatty acids.


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Feeding your dog raw food for the first time can be confusing, so on The Delicious Dog Food Company have provided you with all the information and answers you need, such as...

 Why feed raw?

How much raw to feed?

How much does it cost to feed raw?

I thought bones were dangerous?



Quality of our dog food



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