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VetChef | Homemade Dog Food

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VetChef, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5, united-kingdom

VetChef | Homemade Dog Food
VetChef |Buddy
VetChef | Fresh Food For Dogs
VetChef | Homemade Dog Food
VetChef | Fresh Ingredients
VetChef | Fresh Ingredients
VetChef | Fresh Ingredients
VetChef | Fresh ingredients in a bowl
VetChef | Buddy Pet Food Maker
VetChef | Homemade Dog Food
VetChef | Homemade Dog Food

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Fresh Dog Food Made Easy

Feed your dog healthy fresh food with the VetChef smart recipe app and Buddy, the pet food maker.

Now your dog can enjoy the amazing benefits of fresh home-made food.


VetChef | happy pet happy owner


Whether it’s the occasional fresh meal every now and then, or a complete fresh diet every day, bring the natural goodness of fresh food into your pet’s life today.




Clean... and green!

Healthy fresh food is not just great for pets, it’s also so much better for our environment than processed foods.

Just think of all the energy and single-use packaging that goes into typical processed pet foods, and how much you can save by feeding fresh homemade meals made from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.


vetchef fresh ingredients in a bowl


The VetChef Recipe App

Your dogs are special, with their own character, needs, likes, and dislikes. That’s why the VetChef recipe app creates bespoke recipes designed especially for your dogs, providing exactly the right balance of nutrients and flavours just for them.

The app plans your dog’s recipes, and Buddy, the amazing new VetChef pet food maker does all the hard work – leaving you free to spend even more quality time with your best friend. 


Feeding fresh with VetChef is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1. Create your dog’s profile on My VetChef


2. Select a recipe perfectly customised for their needs


3. Cook fresh with your VetChef Buddy pet food maker – or your usual kitchen implements




Buddy, the VetChef Pet Food Maker

Feeding your dog healthy fresh food doesn't need to be hard work, with Buddy, the VetChef pet food maker, you can create delicious meals for your best friend in minutes, with no food prep required.

Send your dog’s personalised recipe from the VetChef app straight to Buddy

Weigh in the fresh ingredients one by one, no prep required

Hit ‘cook’ and Buddy does the rest


Dog with his buddy


The team behind VetChef share a common passion – improving the health and wellbeing of the world’s pets by empowering their parents to feed more healthy fresh food.

Founded by veterinarian, nutritional expert, and passionate dog lover Dr. Joe Inglis and run by a diverse team of animal-lovers, VetChef is on a mission to make a real difference in the lives of pets across the world. 


Media vet and nutrition expert Dr. Joe Inglis is the founder and head vet at VetChef and leads the team creating the recipes and bespoke diet plans for every VetChef dog.​

Joe is passionate about pet nutrition and founded two of the UK’s leading pet food brands (Vet’s Kitchen and before starting VetChef.

His mission is to help pet parents improve the health and wellbeing of their animal companions through their diet – and after 20 years in the pet food world, Dr. Joe believes that fresh, homemade food designed with veterinary expertise is the best way to do this.




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