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Winston & Porter - Top Quality Dog Supplements

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Introducing Nourish + C - It is Time  for  Something  Different

The Powerful ALL IN ONE Multi Vitamin, Mineral & Dog Joint Supplement High Levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for Dogs​




• A Comprehensive ALL IN ONE Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dog Supplement

• High in Anti-Oxidants & Omega 3's

• Anti- Carcinogenic Properties

• Can Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels and Improve and Protect Heart Health

• ​Only Human Grade Ingredients providing Nourishment, Optimum health and Vitality



At Winston and Porter they have developed some very innovative dog supplements which will make a positive difference to your dog's health, vitality, flexibility and overall condition. 

They believe that their Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dog Supplements are very different from anything else that is on the market today and is one of the best multi vitamins for dogs you can buy anywhere.

This is because of the Unique Essential ingredients included at High Levels and they contain NO Buffers or fillers; just full of goodness!




They are very competitively priced as we know how expensive it can be to keep your dog in 'Tip Top' health. They are confident that you and your dog will benefit from the expert knowledge, care and attention we have placed into their products at Winston and Porter.

All of their dog supplement products are Gluten and Wheat Free.



Nourish + C for All round Health and Vitality - A Comprehensive ALL IN ONE Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dog Supplement for ALL Dogs. Shiny coat, superb skin condition and great for gut and digestive health. Winston & Porter believe in the very best vitamins for dogs (From Weaning upwards).




Nourish + C MAX STRENGTH with all the benefits of Nourish + C and the additional advantage of TRIPLE ACTION (MSM for dogs, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for dogs) High Spec ingredients for JOINT Health. Great for Very Active Dogs, Working Dogs, Injured or Older Dogs.

Aids arthritis discomfort, dog joint stiffness and mobility. Not a dog arthritis cure but a helping hand to make them more comfortable. One of the best joint dog supplements for dogs on the market today!




Free Shipping on orders over £39.95


 Nourish + C be Fed on its own as a Snack, Breakfast or Supper. An innovative Dog Supplement. No more administering difficult to feed tablets

"Our Mission is to Provide Top Quality Dog Supplements at Affordable prices!"

"At Winston and Porter we believe that all dogs deserve the best. Our dogs are members of the family and we strive to be the people they think we are!

First and foremost we are Dog lovers and as owners of much loved Dogs, we want them to be happy and active for as long as they possibly can.

We get precious little time with our Dogs, the average life span is 12.8 years. Our aim is to ensure that each one of those years is spent healthy, free from dog cancer, dog diabetes, dog obesity, dog arthritis and any other ailments that affect our four legged friends….we would like to think that we could help to extend that life span…."



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Nourish + C Max Strength Dog joint Supplement
Nourish+C Multi Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement
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5.0  (7)
5.0  (7)
5.0  (7)
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Overall rating 

Winston & Porter Max Strength Supplement

Our rescue dog Lyla has used the Max strength supplement for a few months now and the difference in her agility is great. I would highly recommend this product.

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Overall rating 

A product that works!

My dog is the fussiest dog and eater and will refuse anything he doesn’t like. He has been having this porridge vitamin everyday for breakfast (with food) and he licks the bowl clean!
I really like the product; his coat is now thicker and is shiny and I think it has made a real difference to his health - I.e seeming calmer and he is more content.
Thank you for a good product, from Jay & Dog Harry ?

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Overall rating 

Tog dogs

An excellent product and excellent customer service - we were struggling with our best friend just before Christmas with his overall condition and well being due to a long term extremely high dose of antibiotics as he had suspected toxoplasmosis infection we were extremely worried, although we have always endevoured to provide him with a varied quality home prepared diet I wanted to be sure he wasn't lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins whilst his immune system was so compromised. Winston and Porter took time on the telephone offering their expertise and advice. Bertie was really starting to 'show his age'. We have now been giving him Nourish C plus and we are over the moon, our furry boy is back to his old self doing all things collie, long walk, game, 5 mins rest, more ball, what time is my next walk :) , his fur is incredible and we have had so many compliments as to how well and young he looks again. Thank you Winston and Porter for both your excellent product and clearly your care and passion for what you do.

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Overall rating 

Winston and Porter

Fantastic supplement from a Company who are clearly caring and passionate about what they do and offer the highest levels of customer service - took time on the telephone to offer advice when we were having general conditon/health concerns about our best friend. Bertie was struggling with a suspected t gondi infection and as a result on an extremely high dose of antibiotics, we noticed his overall condition was not as it should be and he was starting to 'show his age' - well two months later he is certainly not showing his age and in the last week we have had several comments on how well he looks. We have noticed too his energy is back to normal and some (he is a collie after all) and his fur feel incredible. Would highly recommend Winston and Porter's products although we strive to provide all Bertie's nutrients through a good and varied home diet this gives us peace of mind that we are not missing out on his essential minerals and vitamins. It's a big paws up from Mr Bertie x

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Overall rating 

It works!

Willow and Lily have been on Norish + max strength for about a month now and there are signs of improvement! Lily ( who is a lab, has significant arthritis and is 12) seems to have more energy and seems more content, I must admit I'm amazed! I wish I'd discovered Winston & Porter a long ago!

Willow is almost 8, a golden retriever. She's very energetic when we are out; loves chasing anything that moves! Just like a pup. She tore a ligament in her ankle about a year or so ago and is prone to injury as she tends to over exert herself.
I think she's now recovering more quickly from chasing rabbits and squirrels! And her coat seems more glossy.
So, I'm very happy and it's been only a short time that they've been taking it. I definitely recommend this product!

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Overall rating 

Amazed and Stunned - Thank You So Much

I have an 8 year old Golden Retriever who, recently, has been diagnosed with joint problems and was in a fair degree of pain (especially when getting up from a rest position). I was recommended Winston and Porters products (in particular the Nourish +C Premium Canine Joint Supplement). Skye has been on the supplement for a few weeks now, (whilst we have been away on hols, poor soul!) On my return this week, I have noticed a HUGE improvement! Gone are the limps and struggling to get up - out this morning, she even chased a pheasant! Twice!! Whilst we were away, the kennel advised she did not do her usual limping at all. She has been bouncy, happy and back to her younger self. Thank you so much Winston and Porter! Hugely grateful. And our lovely 1 year old BC Dara is doing so well on his multivitamin and minerals supplement - bounce, energy and a shiny coat and nose! #jobdone! Thank you so much! Thoroughly recommended!

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(Updated: July 31, 2017)
Overall rating 

Fantastic Product

We have been using Nourish +C from Winston & Porter for nearly 3 months now. The chief beneficiary is our 7 year old Great Dane Stanley who in giant breed terms is an old man. As with many dogs of his age and size, his joints are the first to suffer so we were really intrigued to see what effect Max Strength Nourish +C would have on his general movement and stability. The product itself is an odourless powder which you just add to food at mealtimes. There is no mess involved - in fact it is less messy than adding mixer of biscuit. Nourish +C is packed with all the nutriments essential to joint health and the effect that it has had on Stanley has been noticeable. He is never going to win a gold medal in gymnastics but he is a lot more nimble than before and crucially, no longer has difficulty in getting out of bed after a long sleep (unlike his owners!). All in all, this is a great product that delivers exactly what it promises. Thoroughly recommended - 5 paws out of 5.

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