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Devil Dood Designs

Quality Custom Paracord Dog Accessories

Devil Dood Designs make high quality collars and leads using genuine 550 US paracord and durable hardware.

They aim to create unique products that you just can't get anywhere else. Their products are strong, stylish and machine washable, accessories fit for adventures! 


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Devil Dood Designs was born in 2016 following nearly two year of extensive testing by THE Devil Dood, Colin.

I spent months trying to to find a collar that could keep up with his devilish antics and failed epically. Nothing I bought lasted more than a couple of weeks with his love for rolling on anything and everything. Someone suggested paracord but it just wasn't available in the U.K. so I decided to have a go at making them myself! It took a few attempts but it was so worth it!

Not only does paracord look stylish (and it comes in over 200 colours!) but it is extremely strong, which is needed when your dog pulls like a steam train, and it is machine washable, necessary when your dog like l'eau de fox poo. Almost two years after making Colin's first collar I decided to share the wonders of paracord dog accessories with the world and opened Devil Dood Designs.

Since then I've kitted out all types of dogs, big and small, and have only had extremely positive feedback! I love experimenting with different styles and colours, almost every collar and lead that goes out my door is totally unique and that's the way I like it!


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