PawTrax GPS Pet Locator/Tracker
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PawTrax - GPS Pet Locator/Tracker

PawTrax - GPS Pet Locator/Tracker

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Smallest and Lightest GPS Realtime Locator/Tracker for cats and dogs

A Microchip is not enough 

if your pet is lost, a microchip is not going to show you where they are. With a PawTrax GPS Tracker you can find your lost pet NOW!

pawtrax cat Pawtrax dog


Locate and Track your pet - its so easy.

How It Works

Just text the PawTrax and it will wake up and send you a text enabling you to display your pet's location on a Google map on your mobile phone.

View live updates and historic snail trail on the optional web based mapping platform at intervals determined by you. You will see a paw print icon move across the map. You can also view the platform on your mobile device.


pawtrax map


Benefits of a PawTrax GPS Locator

• Locate by SMS

• Track in Realtime

• Live and Historic Tracking

• Unlimited Range - dependant on GSM and GPS signal

• Multiple pets and multiple users

• Low/Full battery alerts




TAGZ for Dogs

Ideal for dogs large or small

Locating your wandering dog is as simple as sending a text. Just send the TAGZ an SMS and it will send an SMS back containing a Google Map link.

If you have a fast moving dog you can then switch to tracking mode​

Send another sms to turn tracking mode on and track at intervals determined by you on your computer or mobile device using the optional tracking platform.

Pawtrax collar

• Measures just 32mm x 32mm x 15mm

• Weighs just 20.7g

• Waterproof (Fresh water)

• Standby time in excess of 8 days (approx 200 hours)

Pawtrax Tag

Your TAGZ comes with

• USB Charging clip

• PAYG Sim Card (GiffGaff/O2 or PAYG Global Roaming - 2G compatible)

• USB Wall charger

• 1 month free access to tracking platform (then just £25 per year)

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HALO for Cats

Keeping track of your little Angels

With a reported 3000 cats going missing every week in the UK we felt that the Halo's primary function should be to locate your cat on demand.
This is easily achieved using your mobile phone. The Halo will send you a text message on demand with a Google map link.

You can then, if required, switch it to tracking mode and track at intervals determined by you on your computer or mobile device using the optional tracking platform.

10 min update intervals will give about 24 - 36 hours tracking time between charges. 15 sec updates will give approx 2 -3 hours
In standby (sms mode) it will last approx 127 hours.

Because the Halo uses GSM as well as GPRS you should still be able to obtain a location by text if there is no GPRS (data) connectivity, providing it can get a GPS fix.


 ralph wearing his halo



• Ergonomically designed specifically for cats.

• It is light, sleek and low profile, being just 7mm at its thickest point.

• Curved to follow the cats neck and flexible in the centre for added comfort

• Weighs just 21g - the lightest cat tracker available.

• Securely fits to collar (no clips/silicon cases/pouches)

• Not recommended for cats with a neck size less than 22cm

pawtrax cat gps locator

Your Halo comes with:

• Beastie Band Collar

• Charger (UK Only - Outside UK will need to supply own USB wall charger)

• Charger Cable

• Hi-Viz Reflective 3M strips

• PAYG Sim Card (GiffGaff/O2 or PAYG Global Roaming - 2G compatible)

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Why do PawTrax Trackers need sim cards?

• They allow the PawTrax to send its location to your mobile by sms (GSM/SMS)

• They allow the PawTrax to send its location to our web platform (GPRS/Data)

• They give the PawTrax its own phone number

• They allow you to program and control the settings simply by sending sms messages either manually or via the optional app.

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pawtrax logo

Collar & Leads ID Tags Technology
PawTrax GPS Locator / Tracker weight info
Here is an example of me on a walk/drive with a Halo on test in mode 6 with interval set at 60,60
Cat wearing GPS collar
Move Map
Swap Start/End

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Overall rating 

Excellent customer service

I have had my Halo collar for over a year now it was easy to set up and I can see where my cat is whenever I want to and see where he’s been, I would not be without it for peace of mind, the customer service is second to none, whenever I have a question or query Pawtrax are very quick to respond and and go out of their way to help you with whatever it is you need , If your thinking of buying a halo collar for your cat , please do not hesitate , it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought :)

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Overall rating 

Best Pet Product EVER

What a fantastic idea. I can now let my cats out from our new house, safe in the knowledge that if they can't find home, I can find them.

The collars are robust and very lightweight so not at all uncomfortable.

After sales service is excellent, with Peter going above and beyond to help out.

Worth every single penny - if you are thinking of buying one, don't hesitate, you won't regret it.

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Overall rating 

Safe and sound

I purchased a Pawtrax TAGZ GPS tracker for my dog and thanks to the Pawtrax aftercare team, setting it up was a doddle. I bought it both for peace of mind, and in the hope that I would never ever need to use it. However, unfortunately in the pursuit of a fox, my dog escaped from the park through a hole in the fence, and by the time that I exited the park from a distant gate, he was nowhere to be seen. Luckily I had my mobile phone with me and was able to locate him using the GPS web map. He had crossed a busy main road and was found by means of the GPS web map shaken, but recovering in someone's front garden, sadly the fox was not so fortunate. The tracker has more than paid for itself now in view of the fee that would be required by the council dog warden for the return of a lost dog and the potential vet treatment should he remain lost.

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