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Cruelty Free Dog Grooming Products

Ethical products for happy hounds

HOWND's range of dog grooming products are specifically designed for every moment of a dog’s life.

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HOWND believes in making ethical products for happy dogs. Everything they manufacture comes with the Leaping Bunny seal of approval from Cruelty Free International – the only globally recognised accreditation against animal testing.


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Keep your puppy happy and healthy by using HOWND's speciality dog grooming shampoo and body mist.



Pamper Playful Pups With deep cleansing action, the shampoo is ideal to wash away dirt and muck on a puppy's fur, while being super-sensitive to suit more fragile skin.  

Playful Pup combines a blend of calming lavender and rose essential oils with the fresh scents of lemongrass and orange that naturally repel fleas and insects.





Adult dogs can get stinky, itchy and anxious – HOWND shampoos and body mists remedy these problems.




Calm Nervous Dogs  

Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo and Body Mist has been developed to help dogs that get nervous and anxious.




Freshen Stinky Dogs

Does your dog get stinky? Try Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo, Body Mist and Emergency Dog Wipes.


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Relieve Itchy Dogs

Give relief to itchy dogs with our specially formulated Got An Itch? Conditioning Shampoo and Body Mist.


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Maintain the well-being of senior dogs with HOWND's speciality dog grooming shampoo and body mist.

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Love Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies shampoo will lock in moisture and protect your dog's coat from pollutants which will restore volume and shine to their coats. It will relieve dry flaky skin and reduce shedding which can be common in senior dogs.


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Miracle Spa Collection

Get white coats whiter and coloured coats more vibrant with this range of natural and vegan friendly Miracle Spa products.

miracle white collection


Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo

miracle white 250ml

Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment

miracle face scrub 250ml


Miracle Natural Dry Foam Wash

natural foam wash 200ml


All Seasons Hemp Balms

Protect your dog’s skin, nose and paws all year round with our ethically sourced Hemp Balms.



Him & Her

Special occasion with your four-legged friend? Try our new natural fragrances for Him and Her.

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Something special for Him

Does the special man in your life have a doggy date lined up?

You need Butch Leather Cologne for Man Dogs – our special fragrance for Him.

Butch Leather is the must-have cologne for discerning dogs, inspired by the scent of warm soft leather and lush woods.
With head notes of vetiver and cedarwood, this scent can lift dogs to new levels of refined masculinity – so watch out for those wagging girlie tails!


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Something special for Her

Wanting to pamper your lady dog for a special occasion?

You need Peach Bum Parfum for Lady Dogs – our special fragrance for Her.

Peach Bum is the perfume of love created for your beloved pooch. It is a supremely feminine fragrance with heart notes of sweet orange essential oils, jasmine and peach. This deeply romantic yet playful scent may have you leaping through the park with your dog, so watch out for the hounds trailing this exquisite scent!


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HOWND: When Harry Met Hero

Inspired by true events. 

The HOWND movie documents the relationship of a young boy and his rescue puppy as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and adulthood together.  

#AdoptDontShop #CrueltyFree

  Watch the video on Facebook

It’s been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook and shared over 51k times! 


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(Updated: November 30, 2015)

Yup It Works!

Stan is our Great Dane. He is a lovely, kind and gentle soul and we love him to pieces. But, and there is no diplomatic way to say this, at times he absolutely STINKS! (It's not his fault - he just doesn't care where he puts his face .. fox poo covered grass with suspect bits are all the rage with Stan!) So as you can probably imagine, it's not that comforting doggy 'corn chips' smell but rather the sort of 'I can't breathe - smash a window - Grandad's been at the Guinness and Scotch eggs again' - kind of stink.

So when we heard about HOWND's Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes - we just had to give them a try. The title alone speaks to us on an almost spiritual level.

The pack contains 5 jumbo size (30x20cm) pH-balanced wipes that are alcohol and paraben free, made with essential oils, aloe vera leaf juice and odour control ingredients that are gentle on your dog’s skin and coat, yet effective for wiping off fox poo, cow dung, mud, urine, slobber and all things smelly while you're out and about. And best of all they a cruelty-free too.

We put a couple of wipes through their paces and we were immediately rewarded with a Great Dane who actually smelled pleasant! The wipes are a good size, are very strong and certainly do their job.
They are quite expensive (quality is never cheap) but if you are looking for something to use in an emergency to remove heavy duty muck and dirt, these are the wipes you need to carry.

Highly recommended.

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