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OceanFeed™ Pet

OceanFeed™ Pet

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Ocean Harvest Technology, Heaton House, Cams Hill Estate, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8AA , United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1329 230230
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Seaweed Blend For Dogs

Improving Animal Nutrition Using The Power Of The Sea

• 100% Natural Seaweeds

• Source of prebiotics and minerals

• Enhances coat shine and conditioning

• Firmer stools for easier pick up

• Resealable 250g sized pouch with scoop included

 Ocean FeedPet Dog


There are tens of thousands of species of seaweed in our oceans, and each one has its own distinct composition of bioactives, minerals, and nutritional components. 

Though the dietary benefits of seaweed have been known for decades, the proprietary blends that go into OceanFeed™  products combine specific brown, green and red macroalgae gathered in Europe and Asia.

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Good bacteria play a significant role in regulating the immune system where prebiotics can alter the composition of organisms in the gut microbiome. 

This unique blend contains prebiotic polysaccharides and other natural bioactives which enhances your dogs gut microflora, with the overall outcome being a healthier gut. You may find that your dog produces firmer and well-formed stools. 

OceanFeed™ Pet has been used for a number of years as an ingredient in premium pet food, now you now have the chance to experience the benefits by mixing it with your dogs regular food.




How To Buy

OceanFeed™ Pet is available in 250g sized pouches at Amazon UK for £8.99

Contact   OceanFeed Pet  for retail, veterinary or inclusion within finished petfoods.  

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Feeding Instructions 

OceanFeed Pet is a finely ground blend, designed to be easily added to your dog's food.

Simply measure it out with the 2g scoop provided and mix with your dog's existing food. 

Dampen if mixing with dry kibble or mix directly into wet food.

One 250g pouch can last one 10kg dog for 100 days when feeding at the daily recommended usage rate (2.5g).


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• Recommended for dogs of all ages

• Wheat & Gluten Free 

•No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives




Where can I get OceanFeed Pet?

OceanFeed Pet is available through Amazon UK, is formulated into some petfoods, and will shortly be available at retail and veterinary outlets.

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Does OceanFeed Pet replace antibiotics or other veterinary drugs?

No – OceanFeed Pet is a dietary animal feed material which uses prebiotics and minerals to enhance digestive performance and coat conditioning.

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Can I use OceanFeed Pet while using antibiotics?

We are not aware of any negative impacts, however antibiotics will tend to reduce the overall gut microflora, so the prebiotic benefit of OceanFeed Pet may be reduced while your pet is using prescribed drugs. If negative impacts are observed, please discontinue the use of OceanFeed Pet, and consult your veterinarian.

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Can I purchase OceanFeed Pet and put it into one of the petfoods that my company makes?

Yes, OceanFeed Pet can be formulated into petfoods, and this has been done for a while. Please contact us for details.

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What is in OceanFeed Pet?

OceanFeed Pet is a blend of natural seaweeds and does not contain additional functional ingredients.

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Overall rating 

Looking so much better

Better Digestion - I burp a lot as I eat my food super quick! I am now burping a lot less and passing less wind! Mum is really happy about that!

Increased Stamina – The hot weather is super tiring. Since starting OceanFeed Pet I have more energy than my brother and sisters.

Improved Coat – I’ve had dandruff since I was a puppy and it’s been difficult to get ride of. Since starting OceanFeed Pet my coat has become less flaky.

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Overall rating 

I would recommend OceanFeedTM Pet to any dog owner

“Rosie, my Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix started getting intermittent tummy problems when she was 3 years old. She would suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting every few weeks and it would come on very abruptly and require a trip to the vet for meds and fluids. On one occasion she was kept overnight for 3 nights as she was so dehydrated, but all tests came back negative.
The vets concluded it was likely to be inflammatory bowel disease or a food allergy. So it was advised I put her on a stricter diet and I complemented this with OceanFeedTM Pet which I could easily add to Rosie’s food. So I tried it...and have never looked back.
Since Rosie has not experienced any more tummy problems and 2 months later her coat is shinier and she is back to being the happy, healthy little dog I hoped she could be again.
I would recommend OceanFeedTM Pet to any dog owner particularly for those dogs with a sensitive tummy, it has worked wonders for Rosie!”
– Laura & Rosie.

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Overall rating 

100% Recommend

“Tilly, our 12 month old golden retriever had been doing well on kibble, but then had an issue for a couple of weeks with reduced appetite and diarrhea which wouldn’t go away by itself. The vets prescribed a course of antibiotics which didn’t really help, and so a few weeks later, we moved her to a wet recovery food which was meant to be very mild on the stomach. This partially worked, but whenever we tried to move back to kibble, the same diarrhea restarted. Eventually, we started to try OceanFeed Pet and within a couple of weeks, we were seeing a shiny soft coat, really wet nose, and we had managed to get to a kibble/wetfood mix as the main food. Today, we continue with a mixture of 75% kibble, 25% regular wet food, and about 3g of the OceanFeed Pet per meal, and have a great experience. Given that we live in a town, the well formed stools make for much easier picking up, and of course, Tilly is much healthier, with such a beautiful coat. We’d recommend OceanFeed Pet for any dog owners that need their animals to have better digestive health, that want an easier stool pick up, or just want their dog’s coat to look beautiful for shows, or just around the home.”
– Owners, Tilly

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Overall rating 

More energy

Lylas stools have become much firmer ... and now she has much more energy. Her coat has become so much softer!
Katrina & Lyla

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Overall rating 

Seen a difference in 2 weeks

“Two weeks ago, I started having a scoop a day of OceanFeed Pet by Ocean Harvest Technology in my dry food (kibble). Since using it in my food I’ve started to have much firmer stools, a shinier coat and it even tastes great!”
- Diablo

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(Updated: July 13, 2018)
Overall rating 

A great product

“Humum has recently been putting these funny green flakies on my food “to help my coat and upset stomach” ? Sparky thinks they are super tasty!
My coat is looking super shiny and my tummy has been feeling much better... and may I say... my ? are better too ??”
- Gunner

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