Poo Guard - Kills bacteria & viruses left on the ground after picking up dog poo

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PooGuard - Kills bacteria & viruses left on the ground after picking up dog poo

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POOGuard kills bacteria and viruses left on the ground after dog poo has been picked up.

Protects us and our dogs


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Whilst we all love dogs, we need to be mindful that dog poo is home to literally millions upon millions of bacteria and viruses.

Picking up dog poo makes sure that most of this is carefully disposed of – but millions of bacteria and viruses remain on the ground. Each gram of dog poo is reckoned to contain around 24 million bacteria and viruses, including many that are dangerous if ingested by other dogs, and many that are harmful to humans.

These bacteria and viruses come into contact with our food, or are simply transferred to the hands of toddlers and children when they play outdoors – from which point it’s incredibly easy for tiny remnants of poo to find their way into our digestive systems.




When we pick up dog poo, we leave millions of viruses and on the ground. However careful we are, it’s unavoidable.  So, spray that spot with POOGuard and help to avoid transfer to us or to other dogs.

A single spray protects us and our dogs from cross-infection including:

Parvovirus • Streptococcus • Enterobacter • Salmonella and many others

A quick spray of POOGuard stops them leading to infection – protecting us and our dogs.


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UK Veterinary Practitioner Approved

“Part of an invaluable armoury of protection against cross-infection”

John Ambler BVM&S, MRCVS

PooGuard Protects in 3 ways:

1.  Kills bacteria & viruses (including Parvovirus) left on the ground after picking up dog poo

2.  Foaming action visually marks the spot for a few moments so you can avoid it whilst it gets to work

3.  Repels other dogs, keeping them safe from cross -infection


PooGuard 50ml


Kills Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a killer.  Infection from Parvovirus can be lethal, particularly in puppies.

PooGuard’s patented active ingredient kills this virus. By spraying the ground after we’ve picked up dog poo, we protect ourselves and our dogs.


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POOGuard applaud those who pick up dog poo.

But there is more that we can do.  Bag the poo and then spray the ground to kill the tens of millions of viruses and bacteria left over.

It’s like washing your hands after going to the loo.



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