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Introducing the world’s first safe, non-surgical, and non-invasive breeding-control harness—a veritable chastity belt for your female dog in heat. Our pet-breeding prevention harness, Delay Her Spay, is the only system to provide natural dog birth control; promoting a longer life and protecting her while she’s too young for puppies or to have surgery.

When the time is right.

Highly Favored Creations, LLC, is not against spaying your dog—when the time is right, but we want to be sure every dog parent is well informed about the dangers when they spay a dog while the dog is too young  for the procedure. Our focus is not on the earliest age that your dog may survive surgery; instead, our focus is on ensuring your dog remains healthy afterward.

Instinctively, we pet parents know some dogs are just too young to spay. Knowing when to spay a dog may make for a healthier, happier pet, and possibly add years to her life. Our Delay Her Spay Harness gives pet parents the confidence to wait until they and their vet believe the time is right. 

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