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Scruffs® Luxury Pet Bedding & Accessories

Scruffs® Luxury Pet Bedding & Accessories

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Cornbrook, 2 Brindley Road , Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9HQ, United Kingdom
0161 702 5060
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Luxury Dog Beds & Bedding 

One of the most comprehensive collections of premium quality dog bedding, combining both functionality and style. 

Grizzly LS


From self-heating technology, orthopaedic memory foam fills, insect shield and 100% recycled bedding made from plastic bottles to self-cooling gels, Scruffs® has a comprehensive and diverse range to suit any cat or dog. 

Scruffs embrace new technology within their products, providing pets and owners with enhanced functionality throughout their range of dog beds find out more here

They also have a range of accessories including thermal dog jackets, dog grooming kits and feeding bowls.

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Insect Shield®

Scruffs® have partnered with Insect Shield® to develop a collection of pet bedding and accessories, using Insect Shield® built-in insect protection.

The active ingredient is odourless and invisible, effectively protecting your dog against: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.


Mattress LS 280x2x Blanket Group 280x2x

Dog Beds & Accessories by Scruffs®

Scruffs® has a wide range of beds to choose from, including:

 Luxury beds, memory foam orthopaedic beds, eco beds to thermal, self heating dog beds for the winter months and cool mats for the dog days of summer. 

Accessories include: thermal dog jackets - with a reflective inner lining and Insect Shield snoods, vests and bandanas.

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The self-cooling products use a water and non-toxic gel solution to provide cooling properties for your pet.

The beds are constructed using channels filled with the cooling solution to provide a surface typically 5 – 10 degrees cooler than room temperature as well as adequate support. There is no need refrigerate or freeze these products.

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cool mat great dane  Cool Beds x3

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The concept of their self-heating dog beds is simple, to provide added warmth for your pet without the need for an external power supply or heat pad. They achieve this by using a foam backed foil layer inside the dog bed, to reflect your pets own body heat.

A quilted fibre top layer further insulates your pet by trapping pockets of warm air close to the body. This technology is used with their Thermal bedding collection.

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 Memory - Orthopaedic Pet Bedding

The Scruffs® MEMORY collection of orthopaedic pet beds has been designed predominantly for larger breeds or pets that require more support for their joints, back or body. 

The beds are filled with crumb memory foam, these dense particles mould to the dogs shape, achieving an ultimate level of support.


Memory - Orthopaedic Pet Bedding



Expedition - Water Resistant Pet Bedding

The Scruffs® Expedition collection of pet bedding is the ideal durable solution for dogs that enjoy outdoor pursuits such as beach walking and muddy forest trails.

These beds are produced using a heavy-duty, 600-denier fabric, providing a robust, durable outer cover. The reverse side of the fabric is coated with a 100% water resistant backing to prevent the ingress of water. The same backing is applied to the beds non-slip base.


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Tramps® Cat Bedding

Tramps® collection of cat bedding utilises the same proven technology as found in our Scruffs® products, to provide varied styles of bed for cats to lounge, snuggle or curl-up for a well-earned catnap.

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Regent - Luxurious Handmade Sofa Bed

A Scruffs® Regent faux leather sofa makes the perfect accompaniment to your living room. This classic style of sofa is upholstered in black or brown faux leather with button detailing and contrasting stitching around the sides of the sofa.

A separate high-density foam cushion is covered with a striped chenille fabric and trimmed with faux leather piping to complete the sofa beds stylish appearance.  The high walled sofa provides a draft free habitat for pets, combined with a low cushion height to aid older animals getting in and out. The cushion cover is machine washable and the faux leather can be easily wiped down to help maintain the sofa beds appearance.

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Delivered direct from their UK warehouse and come with the assured quality you would expect from Scruffs®.


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