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Soggy Doggy UK - Mats, Towels & Mitts For Dogs

Soggy Doggy UK - Mats, Towels & Mitts For Dogs

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42 Broadhurst, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1QD , United Kingdom
07803 344516
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The Only UK Supplier of the Soggy Doggy Product Range

• Quick drying exceptionally durable
• Soaks up water and dirt like a sponge
• Soft and snuggly crate liner
• Machine Washable & Tumble Dry Safe

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Soggy Doggy products are a 'must have' for anyone living with a dog! 

They are super-absorbent, trap dirt and smells and they keep your home clean and dry!

 Each of the “noodles” in the Soggy Doggy Products are made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together, which means that the surface area of these products are much greater than meets the eye!  The expansive surface area is the secret to microfiber chenille’s tremendous absorbing power and super-fast drying ability! 


Soggy Doggy Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille Doormat for Wet Dog Paws


The microfiber chenille blend allows the Soggy Doggy Doormats® and Super Shammy Drying Towel to soak up water and dirt like a sponge!   The doormats absorb 5x more water than regular cotton doormats and the Super Shammy can hold up to 7x its weight in water! 

Crate Mat • Placemat • Doggy Mat • Shammy (Drying Towel) • Slobber Swabber

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Soggy Doggy Mat

Place this doormat by the front or backdoor and enjoy a cleaner home!   

The Soggy Doggy doormat will absorb & trap water and dirt your dog may bring in.

Sizes:  L: 26" x 36"  •   XL: 36 x 60"

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• Soaks up water & dirt like a sponge

• Chenille noodles are 1" long and compress under door if placed a few inches away from door frame.

• Exceptionally durable yet velvety-soft

• No-slip backing

• Machine wash & dry

  soggy doggy doormat


Crate mat

The mats fit inside the dog crate and offer lasting comfort for your dog. 

They can also be used in the back of your car to help dry your dogs after a walk in the rain or a trip to the seaside!

Available in four sizes:

Small 18x24"  •  Medium 20x30"  •  Large 23x36"  •  X-Large 28x42" 

crate mat 1 soggy doggy mat in the car boot

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Soggy Doggy Shammy (Drying Towel) 

One Size: 14 x 31"

 Keep your wet dog & that smell at the door. Drying your dog with the velvety soft towel that soaks up water like a sponge!

The super-absorbent deep-pile drying towel fits over your hands like a mitt so you can easily give your dog a good rub down - drying and ridding their tummys, legs and paws of all that mud and water.

• Quick drying & odour free

• Convenient hand pockets

• Machine wash & dry


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Soggy Doggy Slopmat  

One Size: 18 x 24"

The Soggy Doggy Placemats are paw'fect for messy eaters.

Place them under the food and water bowls and help keep your home cleaner.

These water absorbing and dirt trapping placemats keep dog food pieces and dripping water contained. 

soggy dogs placemat 

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Soggy Doggy Slobber Swabber

Overall Size: 13 x 5"

Keeps your home and car slobber free!

• Cleans dog drool and slobber from floors, windows, car seats etc.

• 5x more absorbent than regular cotton towels

• Silky fibres are gentle on dog's face and snout

• Soaks up water & dirt like a sponge

• Fits conveniently in car console


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(Updated: April 18, 2018)
Overall rating 

Soggy Doggy products really are a 'must have' for anyone living with a dog!

The Soggy Doggy mat arrived within a couple of days of placing our order - so no issues there!
I was surprised at how soft and velvety the mat was - I placed it by the back door and Eddie our youngest Great Dane promptly put his paws up and and had a snooze!

The mat is literally made up of millions of 1" chenille noodles which are textured, ultra fine strands woven together, this creates a surface area which absorbs 5x more water than regular cotton doormats

The result ... a mat that actually does what it promises - it soaks up water & dirt like a sponge - it is truly brilliant!
Our mat has been washed and dried at least once a week seen receiving it - and it comes out as new - ready to do battle with the filth once more!

The XL Soggy Doggy Mat is possibly the best pet product we have ever purchased. It has completely exceeded our expectations - it doesn't just work, it works brilliantly.
It does exactly what it says on the tin and it is top of our 'must have pet product' list for 2018!
We can wholeheartly recommend this product to anyone with pets (and kids!)

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