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Big Dog Bed Company

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Big Dog Bed Company, Online , United Kingdom
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The Big Dog Bed Company makes extra large beds ideal for bigger dogs

(Although the smaller pooch would not say no to one of these comfy beds!)

All bed covers are waterproof, antibacterial, and urine and stain resistant. The hard wearing, great looking fabrics are available in a huge range of colours.

Choose from seven styles and sizes of bed, or opt for a bespoke size made to fit a specific spot. All of the Big Dog Beds are handmade in the UK.


Highly supportive cushion filling • Waterproof • Antibacterial • Easy clean • Odour minimisation • Machine washable • Long life • Good looking • Specialist beds for older dogs and those with injuries or joints issues • 2 year guarantee

Their beds have won two recommendations from Dogs Today Magazine

Active Recovery Beds - Best Bed for Dogs with Wobbly Joints and Kennel Beds • Best Bed for Wet Muddy Dogs.


  dogonbacklovinghis bed



Foam Bed

The foam beds are made from heavy duty upholstery foam as you would find being used in high demand situations such as the hospitality industry - hotels, bars, restaurants - conference centres, and mattresses. This provides excellent support to joints for larger dogs.

Lab on K120 4904 N87

Active Recovery Beds

The castellated bed structure of the Active Recovery Bed allows the individual foam elements to move in direct response to the amount of pressure applied. This differential movement of foam cells ensures an even distribution of pressure, thereby minimising loading to any one area.


Active Recovery trimmed  small

Bolster Pillow Bed

These Bolster Beds use a similar base to the Foam Bed range, but have the addition of a foam cushion at one end to provide a chin rest and draft excluder. The pillow is attached to the base by two zips enabling it to be removed for washing in the same way as the base cover can be removed.




Folding Travel Beds

These Travel Beds fold so that they fit easily into the back of the car. This means that your pet can enjoy a comfortable bed during the journey while also having a full size bed to relax on when you arrive at your destination.

To make them compact, these beds are slightly slimmer than our standard Foam beds consisting of 5cm foam, but they still have the 2.5cm memory foam top to them.





Oak Dog Bed Frames

These solid oak dog bed frames are hand made in Oxfordshire by wood artist Dominic Chiappe of diBosco. The beautiful wood grain of ensures each is a distinctive piece of furniture. Frames can be used to lift your dog out of a draft or off a particularly cold tile floor.

The frames have a slatted base to allow air to circulate, but the feet are low enough to prevent balls and other toys disappearing underneath.

Oak frames are available to fit our medium and large Foam Beds, Soft Top Beds and Bolster Beds. Bespoke sizes can also be ordered.


Monty asleep trimmed

 New frame from above New frame from side


Kennel and Crate Beds

These hard wearing, waterproof, easy clean and antibacterial beds are ideal for kennel, veterinary and whelping situations. No need to put up with a smelly kennel or dog room any more. Help your bitch whelp in comfortable and easily cleaned conditions.

These Kennel Beds differ from the standard beds as they are designed to be purely functional although they still provide great joint support and have a waterproof, antibacterial, easy care cover.





Physiotherapy Mats

These extra large mats are designed to accommodate both patient and therapist and are even big enough to allow the dog owner to get involved. The covers are waterproof and may be wiped or mopped clean.

The stretch nature of the fabric is actually a useful diagnostic tool since the creasing of the fabric round the paw is indicative of amount of pressure that is being directed through a particular limb.

The fabric is antibacterial and can be safely cleaned with disinfectants designed for medical environments.







Active Recovery Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Active Recovery Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Active Recovery Orthopaedic Dog Bed   - Pressure relief foams for older o..


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Overall rating 

Super Bed for 3 Musketeers

We were unable to find a ready made bed to fit the back of our Nissan Pathfinder. We travel a lot with our 3 Hungarian Wire-haired Vizslas and wanted a comfortable bed that would fit the whole of the boot area, with a tough hard wearing cover. The boys tend to get quite warm with their wire coats and their own body head so I was delighted that The Big Dog Bed Company had a range of materials for both the bed and the cover. They were so helpful in suggesting a bed that would suit both the weight of our three boys and at the same time would not make them too warm. They kindly sent us samples of fabrics for the cover and we measured the boot. Within 2 weeks the boys luxurious Big Bed arrived. The quality of the bed is first class and it fits perfectly - and we have 3 happy boys. I would highly recommend The Big Dog Bed Company for attention to detail, quality, and an excellent service. Wish we had known about you when we had our Great Danes.

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Overall rating 

WOW what fantastic service and products

So my review is ever so slightly different from most - we actually asked Dru to make us some seat covers that we could use in the bar we have built in our back garden. We wanted them to withstand people spilling things on them standing on them and also using them to sleep on (when needed). We saw these advertised at a dog show and they were more than happy to accommodate our bespoke request. We were sent numerous sample of fabric colour as we wanted to get these just right and after we made the decision the beds where then delivered quickly and smoothly.
I cannot recommend them highly enough and my puppy also loves sleeping on these when we are using it and we had a special triangular on made that is just for her.

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Overall rating 

Active Recovery Dog Bed

I am really impressed with The Big Dog Bed Company. We ordered an Active Recovery Dog Bed for our Bernese Mountain Dog which was made bespoke for a crate we had got for her. Dru was fantastic in helping us decide on which Bed to choose and it arrived in super fast time.
We were really pleased with the Bed and are about to place a second order for a cushion for the back of our car.
Would definitely recommend!

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Overall rating 

highly recommended

Can't praise these dog beds enough- we've had ours for our bullmastiff for over 2 years and still in as good a condition as when first arrived. Not the cheapest options- but wellworth it, I've spend so much over years on various dog beds as the dogs damage them (ie pull the stuffing out) or the beds themselves go as flat as a pancake with use. This bed lasts! The company are so responsive and happy to answer any queries as well, to help you find the right bed for your dog from the various options available. highly recommended if you're looking for a comfortable, high quality and durable dog bed for your big dog.

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Overall rating 

Bespoke bed

The bespoke active recovery foam bed fits our oak bed frame like a glove and the 'girls' were straight into it. Thanks for the detailed discussions and advice to ensure we got exactly the best match for our requirements.

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Happy senior dogs

Last year I’ve adopted two senior big dogs (12yrs old Pit Bull and 11yrs old Staffordshire Bull Terrier) with severe arthrosis. I bought an Active Recovery Bed and they love it! They use it both for sleeping and jumping on/off the couch (without a soft landing, it was too painful). My dogs love to bite and scratch their beds, but they didn’t manage to damage this one. The cover it’s easy to wash or to clean with a vapor steamer and/or vacuum cleaner. Customer service is really kind and helpful. I highly recommend it!

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Two Beds - One Happy Dog!

We now have two of these beds for our dog!
The first bed is 3 years old - although to look at it you would never know as it still looks brand new. The bed hasn't sagged and the fabric hasn't faded or "bobbled". Our water loving Retriever sleeps on it every day. We haven't had to wash it yet - it just needs a quick hoover or maybe the occasional wipe with a microfibre cloth (supplied). The fabric is waterproof the "damp dog" smell does not penetrate into the bed - although we are dog lovers we didn't want a house that smelt of dogs!
Our second bed has been custom made to fit the back of the car so that JJ can have a proper comfortable and supportive bed when we go on holiday too.
These beds are stylish but it definitely isn't a case of style over substance - the needs and comfort of the dog are paramount. The beds are cost effective too because they are made to last. Dru is knowledgeable and practical and was able to offer us a lot of advice so that we ended up with exactly what we needed. A great service thank you.

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Believe the hype

By way of background, I really REALLY dislike the smell of dogs (love the dogs, though) and one of my dogs was half retriever so bed-chewing was his life skill. Neither dog made any impression on the BDBC bed. No smell, no holes. Four years on the bed has needed nothing more than a good vacuum when it gets a bit hairy. I have never washed it and, before anyone has hysterics, see above...these beds really live up to the hype. They are pretty much indestructible, anti-bacterial and Dru is thorough, knowledgeable and lovely to deal with. The dogs love the beds too!

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Can't rate Highly enough

Amazing beds, love the quality & the firmness of the mattress. Very quick despatch & was kept informed all through the process. Would highly recommend & next time I need a new dog bed, I won't be going else where. Worth every penny. Thankyou Big Dog Bed Company.

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One of the best investments I made!

Starting my new business in dog daycare, I wanted to create a safe and homely environment for my four legged clients. I wanted to provide a quality over quantity service and did my research in every aspect which obviously included rest after lots of healthy excersise and play. Nothing came close to the beds supplied by the Big Dog Bed Company.or the excellent customer service given. They went the extra mile to provide the 10 beds of different specification /fabrics/ colours, within challenging timescales. Since then the beds have been well and truly road tested and with a wipe off at the end of the day, they still look and feel as good as new. The dogs love them. I'm told you pay for what you get and in this case, would endorse that . Therefore, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these beds to anyone that wants the best for their pup.

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Amazing company, amazing product, amazing service.

The Big Dog Bed Company supplied a giant bed to us for our German Shepherd boy Ryker, aged 4. Ryker stopped being able to walk overnight when two ruptured discs in his spine compressed his spinal cord and left him paralyzed in his rear end but in lots of pain in his back. After his surgery we could not get him comfortable or find a dog bed big enough to cater for our boy.

After finding their website online, I enquired about the Giant memory foam dog bed from BDBC and was pleasantly surprised to get a response from a lady called Dru, who told me that whilst the bed I was enquiring about was a great bed, she suggested that we have the active recovery bed instead with a cool comfort option as with Ryker being a long-haired German Shepherd he was bound to feel the heat, and the Active Recovery foam option would help aid his rest , therefore aiding his recovery... She also recommended the PU fabric cover, as she mentioned it would be easier to clean. She seemed to understand everything we were going through and ended up providing us with the perfect bed!

Dru literally thought of everything and the bed we received incorporated different elements of the different beds that The Big Dog Bed Company make.

It is perfect for our boy, from the incontinence side of things - the bed is completely waterproof with welded seams, it is antibacterial, anti fungal, doesnt hold smells and really easy to clean - to the comfortable castellated Active Recovery foam mattress - Ryker will not get off this bed! After Hydrotherapy it provides the support that he needs for his aching joints and back and hips, providing him with a long and comfortable restful sleep. The other dogs want in on the action.

I know this is a long review but I want anyone that is considering buying one to know - you cannot get a better bed for your dog anywhere else. The service is impeccable, and if there is something you want to ask or to add to the bed they can nearly always accommodate. They even have a bespoke service, but if you're not sure what you are looking for there is someone who can point you in the right direction and help you purchase the perfect one. The beds are more than worth the money, excellent quality and I don't think Ryker would have made as much progress as he has without one. You will not get the same product anywhere else. Thank you Big Dog Bed Company, Ryker sends his thanks and so do we!

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