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Piddle Patch
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Piddle Patch

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Correspondence address only 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR, united-kingdom

Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch
Piddle Patch

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United Kingdom

The Ecofriendly Real Grass Alternative to Puppy Pads

As Seen On Dragon's Den

Piddle Patch is the UK’s environmentally-friendly dog toilet solution made entirely from biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

The grass for each Piddle Patch is grown in the UK without harmful chemicals or pesticides and contains no toxic flowers or plants, instead of soil, they use a liquid retentive mat to extend its lifespan and prevent muddy paw prints! 

They harvest your Piddle Patch fresh for each order and deliver it direct to your door via a next-day delivery service. 

Available as a one-off purchase or sign up for a subscription and have one delivered every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. It’s easy to do and you can cancel at any time!


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The Green Solution To Your Puppy Pad Blues 

Did you know that puppy pee pads can take up to 500 years to degrade in a landfill?

Piddle Patch grass is 100% biodegradable and can be placed into the garden waste collection, while its packaging can be recycled.



House training with a Piddle Patch is as easy as 1...2..Pee!   

Because of the Piddle Patch's natural, earthy real grass smell you'll find that most dogs will intuitively know how to use it and will quickly learn to only go potty on the grass - not your carpet! 

The green solution for puppy pad blues


Piddle Patch Is The Ideal Solution For

Toilet Training
Teaches your pooch to relieve themselves on grass only. 

Apartment Based Dogs
Perfect for those with zero or limited access to a grassy area.

Fussy Piddlers and Poopers
A more comfortable option for dogs that don’t like dropping squats in the rain, snow, ice, or frost.

Small Bladders
Ideal safeguard against non-stop urination.

Poorly Pooches
Helpful if your pup is recovering from surgery, infection, or illness.



Check out Piddle Patch's Training Tips and FAQs for more info and advice



 Meet Rebecca, The Founder Of Piddle Patch

I started Piddle Patch because I believe our dogs deserve a natural toilet solution, instead of the chemical-laden options currently on the market. I was tired of looking at ugly, smelly puppy pads, and of worrying about what would happen if they were chewed up one day.

Piddle Patch has been developed with your dog’s welfare in mind, and with a goal to do better for our pooches and the planet.

My commitment to you is to offer the best possible product and service. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback, or if you need any guidance or support.

My commitment to the environment is to ensure each part of Piddle Patch, from the grass to the packaging, is carefully produced to ensure a safe and environmentally-friendly product for your pooch.

Rebecca x




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