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TORUS™ - Smart Thinking For Pet Drinking

TORUS™ - Smart Thinking For Pet Drinking

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Po Box 3380 , Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3WT , United Kingdom
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Torus is a portable and sturdy smart water bowl for cats and dogs

Provides fresh, carbon-filtered water as often as the animal desires.

Conventional water bowls often lose water through evaporation or spills.

The Torus bowl stores water inside it's walls which ensures that there is an ample supply of cool, clean, fresh water, which is also protected from dust and other contaminants.




Benefits of the Torus Bowl:  

• Auto-replenishes

• Large water capacity

• Travel friendly

• Stored water protection

• Sizes to suit all pets

• Made from food-grade materials

• Filters water

• Water fill, flow and lock options

• No mess, no spills

• Ergonomic design

• Multiple colours

• 12 month warranty


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The Torus Bowl is available in four colours:  

Red, Grey, Blue and Pink.


Non Spill & Travel – TORUS™

A go-anywhere bowl!

The Torus water bowl is ideal for travelling as it is super light at only 2.5lbs. When locked the Torus bowl secures the water inside its walls so you can take it with you wherever you go.

It is also exceptionally stable and low profile geometry and soft rubber feet help prevent accidental spills by boisterous pets or passers-by.


Torus pet drinking bowls


As well as being No1 Best Seller on Amazon USA, some happy customers have said:

" The bowl is great! Sturdy, smart system, pretty shape, easy to clean! It is heavy enough for my big Great Dane mix baby not to mess with it, but still comfortable for my Frenchie (and my cats, too!).

We are in the middle of one of the worst water crisis in the history of Brazil, and the Torus bowl is a great solution for keeping my pet's water fresh without waste. " By Mariana


Red bowl


The TORUS™ Filter

Each filter will last for approximately one month

The TORUS™ bowl has carbon filters which will remove any impurities giving your pet access to clean, fresh, water. The filter comprises a moulded cone which has perforated walls that allows water to flow through.

Each Torus filter lasts for approximately one month, so each pack of five filters gives your pet approximately five months of fresh, clean water. The Torus bowl comes with one filter to get you started.




The water level in the drinking well is always high enough to allow easy drinking but low enough to minimise water spills and splashes.

1. Stored water is contained inside the Torus bowl walls.

2. Fresh water is drawn from the walls through the carbon filter.

3. The filtered water flows out into the drinking well where it is kept at an optimum level.


internal workings  


 Torus Bowl Cat and Dog 

Torus 2L

Torus 2L

  With a Torus water bowl you can have peace..



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(Updated: February 27, 2016)

It's Brilliant!!

This really is a great bit of kit.. It allows there only to be fresh water in our dogs bowl at all times.. It holds 2 litres, do even if we're largely up, we know he has water.. Plus when we go out, we just move the dial and we can take it with us with no spills !!!!

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Amazing Product!

Think you don't need a Torus Bowl? Think again. We were super impressed by every aspect of it, from the sturdy high quality finish and cool design to just how practical it is. In our family, we have 3 very large dogs so you can imagine that our kitchen floor usually resembled a shallow swimming pool. But the Torus design allows only enough water as the animal needs to be accessed which significantly reduced the opportunity for spillage. The unit itself holds two litres which would be more than enough for most doggie households. We took it away on our travels recently and it was perfect for the car by virtue of the ability to 'lock' it and eliminate leakage. All in all a fabulous product which you will not regret buying!

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