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K9Hitchin Professional dog walker and pet care services in Hitchin

K9Hitchin Professional dog walker and pet care services in Hitchin

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57 Periwinkle Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1TZ, United Kingdom
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More than just a dog walker

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Are you embarrassed by your dog pulling you down the street? ​

Are dog walks a chore rather than a pleasure because your arm is constantly being pulled out of its socket?

Do you wish your dog would trot along casually by the side of you with the lead hanging loosely rather than constantly battling to control him?

You may have been told “it’s a breed thing” or “he’ll grow out of it” or have been given advice about “no-pull” harnesses or head collars, which dogs hate wearing and that make walks miserable.

Pulling on the lead is something that a lot of dog owners deal with every day. Owners who have otherwise very well-behaved, perfect companion dogs. It can be embarrassing and annoying, and can really push your relationship with your dog to its limits. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a solution - it’s not a quick fix and it takes time, patience, and persistence. Sometimes it seems that having a dog people envy is like having another full-time job. But it’s not an impossible dream. It is achievable.

We can help. K9Hitchin is a dog walker with a difference. We focus on helping teach your dog to walk politely on a lead so that you can both enjoy walks that are a pleasure, rather than an arm-wrestling chore. With our one-to-one service, using force-free techniques and tailored to your dog’s ability and learning style, we can help you achieve the dream of relaxed, casual, loose lead walking.


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