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The Pet Gundog™ Books
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The Pet Gundog™ Books

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, Carluke, South Lanarkshire, united-kingdom

The Pet Gundog™ Books | The Pet Gundog Puppy
The Pet Gundog™ Books | The Advanced Gundog
The Pet Gundog™ Books
The Pet Gundog™ Books
The Pet Gundog™ Books
The Pet Gundog™ Books
The Pet Gundog™ Books

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Gundog Training


South Lanarkshire
United Kingdom


Guild of Dog Trainers

A Common Sense Approach to Gundog Training

The sequence of books is The Pet Gundog Puppy OR The Pet Gundog, followed by The Advanced Pet Gundog.

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The Pet Gundog Puppy

Look Inside

Revised and updated, this is the all-encompassing foundation guide for living with and training your gundog puppy.

The Pet Gundog Puppy covers all areas of behaviour and training, from the moment your puppy enters your home through to the young dog being around 8-10 months old and about to embark on more advanced training, as well as...

• Optimum Health

• Socialisation and habituation

•  Age-appropriate training

• Training the Teenager

• Upping the Ante for the Young Pet Gundog

• Gundog Games

• Help with puppy problems and challenges with the Young Pet Gundog

The Pet Gundog Puppy also comes with one-year access to The Pet Gundog Online Training platform.


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The Pet Gundog

Look Inside

Revised and updated, this is the all-encompassing foundation guide for living with and training your gundog.

A toe-dipping foray into the world of shooting gives you an insight into what your dog has been bred for, and the foundation for all gundog training is covered in detail, as well as…

• Optimum health and wellbeing

• Socialisation for the adult dog

• Age appropriate training

• Foundation training

• Upping the Ante for the novice pet gundog

• Bringing home a part - trained or rescue gundog

• Gundog games

• Training challenges

If you want to take advantage of your gundog’s innate behaviour so that walks become a pleasure, your home stays intact and you have a happy, contented and fulfilled companion, then The Pet Gundog needs to be on your bookshelf.

The Pet Gundog also comes with one-year access to The Pet Gundog Online Training platform.


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The Advanced Pet Gundog

Look Inside

A much more technical book, than The Pet Gundog and The Pet Gundog Puppy, covering the senses and mechanics of movement, The Advanced Pet Gundog also covers ‘why we train this way’, which gives you a deeper understanding of your dog and a fascinating insight into the mind of your pet gundog, as well as…

• Health and wellbeing

• Age-appropriate training

• Whistle training

• Distance work

• Water retrieving

• Introducing shot

• Working with game

• Training two dogs

• Working your pet gundog

• Training challenges

Combining canine psychology and the latest teaching methods, this updated edition guides you through the next chapter in your dog’s education, helping you to turn him into a steady, well - trained gundog that you can take anywhere.

The Advanced Pet Gundog also comes with one-year access to The Pet Gundog Online Training platform.


Manners. Not Mayhem Book cover


Manners Not Mayhem

In her latest book, Manners not Mayhem, Lez Graham shares her wisdom, experience and common-sense to help ease you into puppy ownership, sharing her secrets of how to raise, train and live with your puppy, guiding you through the minefield of toilet training, crate training, socialisation and introducing new concepts such as The Four Pillars of Puppy Training.


International Book Awards FinalistLux | Pet Product Services 2020

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The Pet Gundog, and all that it entails, ‘fell out’ of the random classes that Lez Graham was running for naughty gundogs in order to fulfil their instinctive needs and make life easier for them and their owners. However, through popular demand they evolved into structured training classes for anyone with pet gundogs, naughty or nice, young or not so young.

It was from these classes that The Pet Gundog series of books were born; The Pet Gundog Puppy, The Pet Gundog and The Advanced Pet Gundog, which have brought positive, motivational gundog training steeped in common sense and humour, into people's homes.

Lez Graham launched The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor programme in 2016, to train trainers in this fabulous specialism so that owners of pet gundogs could attend gundog training with confidence, knowing that they, and their dogs, were in the hands of knowledgeable and rigorously trained experts who are the leaders in their field.



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