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Day Care & Socialisation for Dogs and Puppies

TLC Canine Care offers an experienced and uniquely individual approach to your dog, whether they visit for Day care, Puppy Empowerment Sessions, Homeboarding through to Behaviour and Training including 1-2-1 Home Visits to help with more specific issues or Puppy Advisory visits which cover all the basics of care for a new puppy.


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We offer a natural, holistic approach to your dogs needs from nutrition, through to working with the emotional life of your dog as emotions drive behaviour, so in order to try and help your dog we need to find out what emotions underlie a specific problem which often interlinks very closely with their owner as our dogs are very much our mirrors!

I am also proud to be an associate member of ICAN -' International Companion Animal Network' that aims to bring those experts, particularly in the field of behaviour and training, who use positive reward based and forcefree training and choice training to bring about change in a natural way.

I run TLC Canine Care with my 5 dogs, who do much of my work for me as they 'speak dog' far better than you or I ever can!
Every dog I work with, whether visiting for Day Care or Home boarding, get treated just as if they are one of my own and just become part of the family for their stay.

I can work on basis behaviour and training during their stay if needed. I also offer individual puppy 'empowerment' sessions aimed at building confidence and trust which can be particularly beneficial to shy or nervous puppies or those from a poor background who needs some help with their social skills and canine manners.



I love the behavioural work in particular and have a full Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Psychology/Higher Cynology from Compass Education as well as keeping up to date with all the new science that regularly changes in relation to dogs.

I am particularly interested in Natural Dog Training and working with the emotions that trigger behaviour, rather than just the behaviour itself, again a more holistic approach.

I can safely say what I do is my vocation not just a job!

Thank you for reading.

Jane Monks.



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Indi my British Timber Dog.
Little 'tri-pawd' Frankie.
'Empower Your Pup' Sessions.
Associate member of ICAN.
Panther, black GSD - on guard!
My girl Panther.
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