Ziggy's High Quality Pet Supplies - Forest Row, East Sussex

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Ziggy's High Quality Pet Supplies - Forest Row, East Sussex

Ziggy's High Quality Pet Supplies - Forest Row, East Sussex

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Oak Trees, Lewes Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5EP, United Kingdom
01342 822 936
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Ziggy's for High-Quality Animal Food

Ziggy's cater for dogs, cats and small furries like rabbits, mice, rats or guinea pigs – birds and fish too!

Ziggy’s boast a large range of raw foods, wet and dried foods and treats, all formulated to give the optimal balance of ingredients, biologically-appropriate for each species of animal.

All of their foods are ethically-sourced and not tested on laboratory animals. They also supply bones from two local organic farms – Tablehurst and Plawhatch.  

Brands include: Benyfit, Nutriment, Nature’s Menu, Purrform, Aatu, Applaws, Canagan, Nature’s Own, Supa Fish Food plus many more ...




Pet healthcare products

Ziggy's always have your animals’ best interest in mind – it’s at the heart of every product they stock.  They offer a range of natural remedies which means you can treat your pet gently but effectively.

Brands Include: Billy-no-mates, Dorwest, Pet Remedy, Verm-X, Riaflex, Botanica plus many more .....




Accessories and Equipment

Everything Ziggy's stock is top quality with high standards of safety and where possible are ethically-sourced, eco-friendly and mindful of sustainability.  

Brands include: Oscar & Hooch, Doodlebone, Rogz, Beco, Danish Design plus many more ...




Dr. Sonya Holistic Vet

"As a holistic vet, I like to spend time with each patient looking beyond symptoms to your pet’s character, emotions and environment, as well as past illnesses and diet.

In this way, I can find the very best remedy or treatment, taking into careful consideration all the factors which may affect your pet’s health and wellbeing."




Dr. Sonya uses a variety of approaches or therapies, depending on her observations including:


A system of medicine based on the principle of ‘let like be cured by likes’. Medicines are from animal, vegetable or mineral sources and more recently, man-made substances.

They find the correct stimulus to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself and also take care to remove or minimise anything that may stop that healing process.


 Inserting very fine needles at specific points in the body to stimulate physiological changes along energy channels called meridians, which help to resolve illness, relieve symptoms and rebalance organ systems.

Herbal medicine

Using plants to heal as people have done for centuries, now verified as a safe and scientifically-sound approach, backed by detailed knowledge of plant chemistry and botanical therapeutics.


Many pet foods, even expensive brands, don’t adequately meet the dietary needs of animals. Ill-health and behavioural problems can be the result. Raw food and a specifically-formulated diet is the way to go.

Allopathic medicine

While complementary treatments are always my first choice, Dr. Sonya wouldn’t hesitate to use other medication if that was the best option for your pet.

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Holistic consultations take 30-60 minutes – or longer if a first appointment.

A first opinion consultation – 15 minutes 

Home visits are available for very old or nervous animals, particularly cats.




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