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A range of animal care products for both home and professional use.  Contains natural antimicrobial ingredients from Norwegian Spruce trees.

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AniDes Wound Spray  |  AniVox Ear Wash  |  AniWipe Wet Wipes  |   AniLavo Rinsing Liquid

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The Warragul Vet Clinic For All Your Pet Needs

H2O For Fitness introduces a hydrotherapy product to supercharge your rehabilitation and workouts. We offer a new line of underwater treadmills for both human and dog. 


Boosting The Goodness in Your Pet's Diet ....

A healthy and diverse population of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestine can impact everything from nutrient absorption and digestion to metabolic & immune function.

Healthy pets need healthy guts!




Nutritional Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Chickens

The Little Feed Company provides an artisan alternative to the major feed manufacturers. 

Your animals’ health and the quality of our ingredients are at the heart of our business. We provide quality supplements for horses, dogs and chickens, made in Devon.


the little feed company


The Little Feed Company specialises in producing unique products for owners who wish to support the health and vitality of their animals in a natural way.

We carefully combine herbs, feed ingredients and nutraceuticals to give beneficial results with no harmful side effects.

We are registered and approved by Trading Standards and fully insured.

little feed logoTOP Dog - Liquid Turmeric supplement for dogs

Bounce - Liquid joint supplement for dogs

TOP Horse - Liquid turmeric supplement for horses

Countrylix Gold - Turmeric mineral lick for horses and all grazing stock

Gastro Grit - highly palatable grit for chickens for gut health

Super Seeds - protein and conditioning mixed seed treat for hens

Pure Devon Cider Vinegar - for all animals. locally sourced, traditionally made.

Pure Devon Hemp Oil - for all animals. locally sourced, cold pressed. 

Coming Soon for horses - hoof supplement, skin supplement and concentrated feed balancer.


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Clinical multimedia information platform

American Veterinarian® features the latest news, clinical updates, product information, and conference coverage.

American Veterinarian® is a comprehensive clinical multimedia information platform with resources both online and in print.  It provides companion animal practitioners with comprehensive news and information designed to improve patient outcomes and positively impact the way veterinarians practice.


american veterinarian

American Veterinarian® is owned by Intellisphere, LLC, a leading provider of health care publishing, research, information, and education.

Operating within both traditional and digital media channels, Intellisphere serves the needs of health care professionals through an extensive suite of magazines, journals, e-mail databases, websites, events, and personal meetings.

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With publications such as:

CURE, Pharmacy Times, Specialty Pharmacy Times, Oncology & Biotech News, OncologyLive, Contemporary Oncology, Urologists in Cancer Care, Oncology Nursing News, The American Journal of Managed Care, The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits, Targeted Therapy News, The International Journal of Targeted Therapies in Cancer, and MD Magazine

As part of the publishing group, Intellisphere reaches more than half a million health care professional across nearly all segments of care.


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An exclusive range of herbal teas for dogs formulated by a Vet specialised in canine nutrition.

Doggy’s Cuppa is an 8-strong range of beneficial, daily dog brews tasked with tackling a number of the most common minor dog ailments, whilst putting an extra spring in your dog’s day.




Whether we’re talking industrious, rural working dogs or more care-free urban hounds, these are an eclectic collection of all-natural pick-me-ups tackling every imaginable doggy disorder from sleep deprivation and anxiety, to poor digestion, weight loss, gastrointestinal grief and even flatulence!

• A healthy, daily booster brimming with beneficial vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

• All-natural ingredients - no artificial nasties (no flavourings, colourings or preservatives).

• 100% hand-picked, human-grade herbs from Nature’s abundant larder.

• Caffeine-free.

• Suitable for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds

• Free delivery on all purchases.



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For digestion

Tasked with tackling debilitating digestion and gastrointestinal grief. Can also help relieve unsavoury flatulence and bloating!  


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For obese dogs

Aimed at those obese or overweight dogs whose metabolisms could benefit from a healthy kick-start. It also encourages healthy weight loss whilst nurturing the immune system.


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For ageing dogs

A nutrient-rich blend that actively encourages pet longevity whilst bolstering the immune system and boosting day-to-day canine health.


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Urinary health

This brew eases urinary discomfort whilst stimulating the immune system to up its game.


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Promotes relaxation, tranquillity and most importantly a good night’s sleep.


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An uplifting brew that invigorates and re-energises whilst championing general health and a healthier immune system. 


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Working dogs

A specialist brew targeting hard grafting, working dogs. This brew rehydrates, re-energises and promotes enhanced general health after a hard day out in the field.


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For anxious dogs

Last, but by no means least, our best-selling calming brew that helps alleviate, angst, unease and underlying dog stress. 



The Ultimate Superfood Supplement For Dogs 

All ingredients are 100% natural, fresh and of premium quality,  they are grown in Britain by accredited and DEFRA approved farms.




Proflax offers nutritional support, cleanses toxins, regulates metabolism & hormone function, aids circulation & digestion and supports immune, brain & heart health. 

It is packed with ‘5 a day’ essential nutrients; vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants for good health.


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❛100% Pure & Natural❜  


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Unique active herbal blends in our 3 products have been carefully chosen and formulated by a UK holistic vet to work 'synergistically' or in harmony, for maximum effectiveness. 

Omega 3 rich cold pressed flax oil and active herbal formulas have been combined together to remove the confusion and expense out of choosing individual supplements


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Our team of accomplished veterinary professionals is dedicated to providing our patients and their families with compassionate veterinary care. We care about your pet because you care about your pet – your bond is important to every staff member at all of our hospitals.

Unique Blends Of Seaweed Especially For Dogs

We are an Irish company that takes pride in selling unique blends of seaweed especially for dogs. Our marine scientists love formulating new blends to help dogs feel and look better.

With over 10,000 different types of seaweed to choose from, it is no easy task but with an in depth knowledge of seaweeds properties, we have come up with some excellent blends aimed at boosting and improving the health of dogs.

We sell to resellers and direct to the public. Any questions please get in touch.


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Online Veterinary Pharmacy For Pets

Their goal is to support the health of your pets, to allow you to benefit from their expertise, and to provide you with the best products available.

pets gvpg is an online vet shop that was founded by a team of veterinarians and recognised internet partners.  Direct-Vet is a simple, fast and quality solution to replenish your stock of premium brand products for your pets, at the best prices.

With Direct-Vet, you are choosing from products that have been selected, tested and approved by their team of veterinarians.

Their goal is to provide you with the best pharmaceutical products, food and accessories for the health and well-being of your pets.

You will be able to order safely and quickly, have your purchase delivered in a few days and, most importantly, save money without compromising on quality or service.

Bags of food for dogs and cats are often large and heavy, but with our fast and easy ordering and home delivery system, you will once again have space in your car and spare your back!


supervised by vet



When you buy items from Direct-Vet you get:

Great quality at great prices

A produt selection from leading brands

Express tracked delivery in 4 to 5 days maximum

A team of experts at your service

100 % secure payment

E-mail support 7 days a week, with a guaranteed response within 48 hours!



Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver - The All-Natural Supplement

Help your dog get well, stay well and age well.

 System Saver was originally created by a veterinarian to help him restore health and soundness to animals suffering from chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions. 

The same biological actions that have restored health and soundness to these animals, also provides a superior way to maintain joint health.



But System Saver does more! By inducing the regulatory systems that control excessive immune, inflammatory and degenerative activity, it helps maintain the normal healthy state. 

By supporting the prevention of these conditions and inhibiting joint damage, System Saver permits a better quality of life for the aging animal. You will find no other supplement that provides such a broad spectrum of benefits.

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System Saver’s successful applications have included:

Allergy • Arthritis • Autoimmune Disorders • Canine Hip Dysplasia • Chronic Dermatitis • Geriatric Support to Age Well • Joint & Health Maintenance • Respiratory Disorders 



 Click on the image above to read about the problems many dogs face.


How It Works

System Saver's all natural formula activates intrinsic broad-spectrum metalloproteinase enzyme inhibitors.

By encouraging regulation of these tissue destructive enzymes, this formula controls damage done to cartilage and other tissue during athletics, traumatic injury, repetitive activity, and aging.

When tissue damage exceeds the ability to repair this damage, degenerative disease occurs. Regulation of excessive tissue destructive enzyme activity permits regenerative healing to prevail once again.

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Joyful Paws | Pet Dog Services in Coventry

Joyful Paws is owned and run by Joy who has 28 years of experience working with dogs, so you can rest assured that you and your beloved dog are in safe hands.



Their service is catered to the individual needs of you & your dog.

Offering services in:

* Behaviour Consultations

* Dog Training & Socialisation

* Dog Walking

* Pet Taxi

* Reiki Healing


The Pet Health Club is run by Independent UK Veterinary Surgeries

The Pet Health Club scheme is a great way to spread the cost of preventative healthcare for your pet while saving you money.

It covers all your pet’s essential routine healthcare in a budgeted monthly payment.

More importantly, all members can enjoy great savings on products and services, keeping your pet happy and healthy.


Pet Health Club


Search for your nearest practice that offers the Pet Health Club and register your pet or view their savings guide


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